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Towards the later stages of the Rain Calendar, two male Nevrean merchants are carrying their wagon, on the street in the central area of Gold Ring. Here, all kind of Eltus race can be seen, Sergals, Agudners, and Nevreans. Even some Talyxian-Stalkers, a species who belongs to Talyxian organism group are there as well.

Gold Ring (ゴールドリング, for short "GR") is the nation of megalopolis exists surrounding of the Salt Lake ColVilous located on the Southern lands in Planet Tal.

Many cities and towns are spreading on the gulf coast of ColVilous while forming a shape similar to a crescent moon. Each area has been connected by land routes or sea routes.

This nation is by far the greatest combined city in Tal, can be said to be the heart of civilization and technology in the planet. Due to this, this nation is also known as the honorable name, "The Golden Metropolis".

This nation has been founded and built by Sergals and Agudners, mainly their Southern species, native residents in this land, while recording a long time and history continuing from ancient times. Towards the later stages of the Rain Calendar, all kinds of three sentient Eltus races live together here as Nevrean immigrants have settled into the nation In addition to this, a wide variety of people who have a different nationality often come to visit or even immigrate here from various foreign lands.

The state of life here can be seen in the sketch manga series, Daily Life of Gold Ring.


Somewhere in Gold Ring, towards the later stages of the Rain Calendar. Here, in people, all kinds of three Eltus races can be seen, Sergals, Nevreans (two in an artwork, both are females), and Agudners. Also, some races who belong to Talyxian organism group can be seen there.

About 400 years ago before B.C.E., the origin of the nation had occurred based on a symbiotic relationship between Sergals and Agudners who were living in Southern lands.

This nation features salts produced from the Salt Lake ColVilous and Sailzane desert as a main article of trade, and many specialists of crossing the desert who have existed from ancient time.

With the progress of the times, the nation has developed excellent local government systems, morals, technology, culture, and commerce.

There are rich material resources as a lot of trade goods have imported from various places in Planet Tal. Due to this, many people live a comparatively comfortable life compared with other regions where are a residential area for Eltus folks, however, there is still more or less disparity in wealth depends on the region and race.

In the nation and the surroundings, there are no large-scaled Talyxian natural environments such as forest where dangerous wildlife can occur. Due to this, Gold Ring is known as the place where has no or very few risks of hostile wildlife. The biggest problems in the city are crimes and problems that are caused by people.


Several hundred years B.C.E., a part of the ancient Agurs, precursors to the modern Agudners, left their villages by the forests around the Lower Magoe and ventured out into the southern deserts. Eventually encountering the nomadic gypsy Sieg, precursors to the modern Sergals, who originated from Northern lands and arrived in Southern lands.

Together they settled on the shores of the vast salt lake ColVilous. This settlement would eventually grow to become the Gold Ring.

During their beginning of an association, Agurs determined their race name to be Agudners, and Sieg determined their race name to be Sergals. These new names had been determined firmly to be the official race names, as Gold Ring language will be used as the official language in Planet Tal. And then, here, the Southern Sergals and Agudners drafted a constitution to formalize their everlasting cooperation and friendship.


Native residents in Gold Ring are composed of two kinds of Eltus races, Southern species of Sergals and Agudners. During the Wolrd War, immigrant Nevreans arrived and settled in Gold Ring with some Western Sergal survivors, and towards the modern era, there are all kinds of Eltus races within the nation. In addition to this, when regarding a part of Talyxian-Stalkers who can be approved as residents, the nation can count four kinds of race in total.

Many merchants who originated from Reono frequently visit and stay in Gold Ring under the friendly relations between South and East. They sometimes even immigrate into or leave their descendants in Gold Ring. Because of this, in the nation, there are a quite amount of people who were born in Eastern lands and who have Eastern lineage as well. Towards the modern era, thanks to globalization in most of the Tal and development of traffic routes, people who originated from Northern lands, Shigu, have become easy to access Gold Ring. As a result, there is wide diversity in nationality and origin in people who can be seen in the Gold Ring.

The majority of residents are comprised of Sergals and Agudners even in the modern era. Nevreans are still fewer in number than Sergals or Agudners because they are not a native race to Gold Ring, their history as residents of Gold Ring is much newer when compared to that of Sergals and Agudners. Talyxian-Stalkers who can be approved as residents are just about several hundred in number across the nation. This is overwhelmingly minority in comparison with a total number in people of Eltus races in the nation.

Racial Problems

From the time in which Nevreans who originated from Vetla regions had immigrated into Gold Ring after around RC33, they had passed through a heavily difficult life, undergoing big racial discrimination and persecution from native residents within the nation due to various and complex reasons. Besides, there were deficiencies in the law, it had not guaranteed rights for Nevreans. These factors intensified the situation. Racial treatment for Nevreans was very unfair, merciless and they had suffered downright direful things for a long time, to the point of downplaying their own life, even.

Actually, people in Gold Ring had already seen Nevreans prior to RC33, as Gold Ring held friendly relations with the Western region, Vetla, up until the beginning of the Great War with General Rain and the Shigu. The people of the Western Musical troupe were limited to only visiting Gold Ring once every two to three years, in order to provide a performance in the greatest festival in Gold Ring. A part of this history is expressed in the Vilous Manga, Episode 3, "At the Festival".

However, during this time period, Nevreans were known throughout Gold Ring as simply "beautiful people whom visit the city during special events." In essence, it just meant that the people of Gold Ring knew little to nothing about Nevreans beyond what they could see and gander from their theatrics programs.

Due to Nevreans originating from the exclusionary and isolated homeland, they have their own culture and tradition which is by far, vastly different from that of Sergals and Agudners. After they had immigrated and begun to live out life within Gold Ring, a big problem had started to materialize between native residents within the city, due to the deep differences in social and cultural environment.

There were quite a lot of Nevreans who fell quickly into carrying out improper activities such as theft and fraud, due to a difficult life marred by poverty and unfair treatment. Because of this, there was unilateral suspicion and distrust built against Nevreans. The background story on the artwork above serves to explain the manner in which Nevreans had been treated during that time, and how Gold Ring's people viewed them. At first glance, the two might look like a couple, but they are actually not. Both of them had committed some sort of crime, independently of one another, and the people thought they must have been related to each other. Despite the fact that they actually have no type of personal relationship between themselves, people did not trust their excuse and jailed them together after having them judged as accomplices. Like this case, the people of Gold Ring had treated and judged all Nevreans in a stereotypical manner, alongside their own bad preconceptions and prejudice.

Alongside that, the artwork even displays how gender differences reflect behavior in Nevreans. Males are more prone to show their emotions and feelings, they do not usually try to hide how they feel or think. In contrast to this, females will always present a neutral, impassive expression in order to hide what they feel or think in a taciturn manner.

These great contrasting differences in genders was very new to the people of Gold Ring. As a result, it had even reached the point where it increased the unfair treatment against Nevreans, as Gold Ring people had difficulty understanding these differences and were confused by them.

Nevreans had gained human rights lawfully in RC70, thus finally joining the ranks of Agudners and Sergals alike as the third race of Gold Ring. In addition, their progenies born within a new generation has grown up in Gold Ring and it's environment from the beginning. They will still more or less keep to their own predisposition as a racial feature, but they are much more readily able to blend into the lifestyle among the native races of Gold Ring when compared to their parental predecessors and what they experienced.

Due to these reasons, and all the way up to the modern era's present day, mistrust and suspicion against Nevreans has been dwindling down steadily over time, as opposed to pre 70RC times when they had little to no rights.

Additionally at the same time, in RC70, a part of Talyxian-Stalkers have become to be approved as residents who have a human right as well according to conditions.


Up to the modern era, residential areas within the nation are spreading while covering broadly two regions surrounding of the Salt Lake ColVilous, these ranges separate into northeast ~ southeast part and southwest part centering on the lake. These two regions feature different regionality and culture to some extent due to the distance between cities. The central city which is the heart of the nation is located in the northeast region.

Due to this, a whole aspect of the nation still cannot be said to be a perfect ring shape. However, as expansion and development of residential areas are continuing positively, it would completely encircle the outskirts of the lake in the future and live up to indicate the name of "Gold Ring".

Buildings closer to the center are older than those further out, the oldest having existed since the founding of the city. Most of those have sublime appearances although they are old buildings.

People must pass through resident registration if they do business or live in the central area. It is not as strict on the outer edges, where everyone can build houses and do business freely.


Major buildings are made from large single upright orangeish or yellowish stone blocks which have existed since the old days. People hollow out them and have used them as old buildings for a long time ago. There are also newer divisions that were built in early modern times. Most of the buildings are made of the sand wall or stone, they are similar to traditional buildings which can be seen in the Middle East on Earth.

Mysterious tall, cylindrical buildings can also be seen on the west coast. Nothing is known about these, and there are no windows or entrances. In modern times, most of these are modified by people and are used as housing. Some are also inhabited by primitive creatures.

2016/11/14 The canon was changed: buildings like this became located in the far south of Tal instead of Gold Ring.

The Central City

The central city is located in the northeast region in Gold Ring, functions as the heart of the nation. This city has continued from the beginning of Gold Ring up to the modern era, important and core facilities gather within this city.

There are government facilities, government offices, and old temples that were made from large-sized rocks which have existed from ancient time. On the coast of Salt Lake ColVilous, there are the great scaled protected forest of Eltus plants and the great garden which displays these plants. As such, the central city showcases a lot of breathtaking architectural design buildings and scenic spots which are famous for the Gold Ring nation. Due to this, this city is also known as a popular area for foreign travelers who visit Gold Ring.

This city is also known as the most important area in the nation as Bloodstones live here, the bureaucrats composed of finest nobles who are purely native residents in Gold Ring. As well, Judda, a public idol and the greatest living treasure in Gold Ring live here.

While Judda lives in temples, on the opposite side of temples, there are dungeons and prisons for felons.


On the coast of Salt Lake ColVilous, precious and rare plants which belong to Eltus organism group and display beautiful green tones can be seen there, instead of Tal's common plant, alien plants which belong to Talyxian organism group. Because Talyxian plants cannot grow on there shore rocks and near areas as well due to the strong sea breeze. Meanwhile, as Eltus biome plants have tolerance for salt, on those areas are maintained as the main habitat for these plants.

There is no dangerous and hostile wildlife in the city because there is no large-scaled natural environment which belongs to Talyxian biomes such as swamps and forests in the neighborhood of Gold Ring. Additionally, as the Gold Ring is surrounded by the Sailzane desert, it also functions to prevent potentiality that large-sized hostile Talyxian organism creatures which live in forests arrive in the city after traveling a desert. This benefit is brought from rich dense of salt in the Sailzane desert which works to make Talyxian creatures milder in nature.

Meanwhile, Talyxian animals which are familiar to people as domestic animals such as Cats, Dogs, Hamsters, Cows, Horses, Pigs, etc occupy the kind of animals which can be found in the city.

Due to this, large-sized wildlife which can be found Talyxian natural environments such as forests and swamps are rare in the city. This situation reached that these kinds of feral creatures had been consumed as the main entertainment for people. After caught in their habitat Talyxian biome place, they were transported into the city. And they would be used in the various purpose for fun. The Arena show in Vilous Manga Episode 3 - At the Festival is a noticeable example of this.

Some hostile animals Weasels could be breed under the legal permission, however, these introduced species sometimes get escaped from the farm and cause turmoil.

Society and culture


There is a religion named "Gold Ring", same as the city's name. The concept is based on the relationship and history of Southern Sergals and Agudners. It brings together and organizes the community.

The Sun and the Ocean

Long ago, an ancient lake was formed by the God of the Sun as proof of his existence. Filled deep with water, the lake was naught but a shadow-like void. But from this chaos, the three important elements were born — water, wind, and salt. The first living creatures emerged from the lake as a reflection of the Sun God. Then came land, which was formed from the creature's excrement. The salt was particularly important, as it marked the difference between the creatures of Eltus, and the alien creatures of Tal. It is said that a person will feel pain when salt is applied to an open wound because long ago the Gods used this sharp pain from salt to awaken the first fish using saltwater. This gift of awakening granted the Eltus creatures the senses, including touch, smell, and thought. It was this ability to process and feel which finally lead to the development of true emotions, something unique to the Eltus. Using these new traits, the Eltus people were born and were able to find each other and come together as a unified people.

In the legends, the original Eltus body was of a one kind human. But afterward, it had been divided into three parts: Sergal, Nevrean, and Agudner. Long ago, it is said that because mankind had acquired mighty power and took away the habitats of the other animals, thus the human form said to include all life was lost and reduced to an incomplete form. - The body was made of various kinds of things. The fish and birds and other beasts had disappeared and only a few species were lined up for the market. Under these circumstances, after a while, people's form mysteriously had come to resemble the fish, birds, and beasts.

Sergal Legends and Customs
-The fish of body
After being eaten, fish dissolve into the body and are reborn in the limbs. So that's why our people continue to swim so well and can run and jump.

-The Sleeping Boat
In Sergal culture, Sergals often sleep in a bedroom with a bed modeled after a boat. According to legend, it's said that during slumber the spirit returns to the bottom of the sea. There, the spirit hears the memories of the ancient sun, Vilous. This myth explains where dreams come from, and ties them to the creation story.

Agudner Legends and Customs
The legend says that the first ancestor was made from a lump of soil. Because there was a sharp stone in the lump, horns grew from the head and hooves grew on the limbs.


As almost all kinds of sexuality and style in romance receive approval under a big tolerance in most of the Tal, there are various types in sexual performance and style of romance between different races in Gold Ring as well.

Due to their history and relationship, it is very common for there to be joint-families that are comprised of Sergals and Agudners. They cannot have a biological child with each other, however, they value their different race family regardless of actual blood relationship as having adopted family is a basic culture in regions where Sergal-Agudner friendship has been rooted deeply in.

As a noticeable uniqueness about sexuality which Sergals and Agudners share in their common sense, a homosexual relationship between Sergals and Agudners does not receive an antipathy or persecution from society by a reason which considers it as unproductive behavior. Because Eltus races cannot reproduce between different races, "romance between different races" and "romance between the same genders" are considered equally, in additional to pansexual nature which Sergals have.

Concerning Nevreans, their cultural standard towards romance and sexual behavior are further different from what Sergals and Agudners have. Because their exclusive and isolated homeland has kept their own culture and tradition in gender roles which form unparalleled style compared with other races. A noticeable example of this is that their native culture considers sexual intercourse exclusively for a strict reproductive purpose and never pursue it for pleasure or fun in any way. Besides, a homosexual romance between males is deeply rooted in their tradition, but it still never reaches to performing sexual behavior anyway. However, towards the modern era, immigrant Nevreans have assimilated into sexual culture and sense which native residents in Gold Ring have, after losing their original culture under the great difference in a social environment.

During the period which there was big racial discrimination against Nevreans, there were many people who prefer to have a sexual act with male Nevreans due to their pretty appearance and adorable behavior. Besides, actually a lot of male Nevreans also had engaged in providing sexual services for money at that time. Some males had even been 'kept' under rich people. In this manner, male Nevreans had been treated like a sexual pet rather than a lover in an equal relationship. Meanwhile, having a serious romantic relationship with Nevreans was not taken so well, especially in the case of having a relationship with female Nevreans. There were quite a lot of Nevreans who fell into carrying out improper activities such as theft and fraud due to a difficult life by poverty and unfair treatment. Because of this, having a romantic relationship with Nevreans beyond having temporary sexual act had been concerned by a reason of suspicion against Nevreans, such as "Nevrean may trick you".

Almost all sexualities between Eltus races are tolerated as long as there is no nature which harms others. However, matters which are related to Talyxians fall within the exceptions. Because Talyxians are considered to be 'animal' existence in comparison with Eltus races as 'human' existence, having a sexual or romantic relationship with Talyxians is generally considered to be kinky and abnormal behavior. Even in the case of Talyxian-Stalkers who could have a legal human right after RC70, they may be still considered to be the half-animal existence rather than perfect human. Due to this, having a sexual or romantic relationship with them may receive interest which comes from more or less undesirable curiosity.


In the old days before the World War has begun, people enjoyed familiar pastimes. The main culture was composed of Sergals and Agudners, native races in Gold Ring. Their daily culture and entertainment were a bit too flat and dull compared with options which the modern days can provide. Children were mainly playing marbles, tiddlywinks, hopscotch and so on. Adults were enjoying sexual flirtations and gamble-like games. It was exciting to hear the travel stories from merchants. When wildlife occasionally appeared in the city, people went to see them for fun.

In these times, a holding of festivals was a greatly exciting event and the most sought entertainment for every resident in Gold Ring. People attended the festival for both pleasures and in seeking excitement. You can see an example of these prewar times in the Vilous Manga Episode 3, "At the Festival".

After the war started and until a few years after the war ended, every festival was not able to hold because the merchants were not able to work. Most of Tal had received significant damage due to a thoroughly destroyed distribution network as a consequence of the war. However, reconstruction after the war proceeded rapidly because people who deeply love festivals traveled to Reono with full force in order to help the rebuilding of trade routes. Besides, the civilization in Gold Ring advanced abruptly as well at the same time.

During these times, Nevreans had begun to settle as an immigrant along with with some Western Sergal survivors who took refuge from the Western Genocide by Shigu army. Their existence brought big influence which occurs large-scaled revolution of culture in Gold Ring. Especially, Male Nevreans were a primary driving force behind this rapid economic development as their racial nature is suitable to build a wide range of creative entertainment in their rich imagination. A lot of showy, rabid, rampant entertainments proliferated explosively because of the existence of male Nevreans, such as floor show and cabaret. Gorgeous fashion also increased rapidly. Native residents in Gold Ring had been attracted to vivid and shiny colors which male Nevreans display. Because native races in Gold Ring, mainly Southern Sergals and Agudners, they have brown or similar colors as their primary color. Due to this, brilliant and colorful visual was easy to bewitch them as they had passed time in a quite muted scenery.

Besides, lust and interest in pornography and violence also developed among the people due to the influence which General Rain brought. A lot of bloody shows were held in the markets and in places near the salt lake for bigger events: the dismantling of creatures that had been brought in from the forest, and watching fights between them. Along these, there are many other, strange entertainments. Besides, as many male Nevreans had engaged in providing sexual services for money at that time, brothels which they work on had built a lot.

As an extreme result of these trends, "vore shows" were held in underground theaters. Mainly, Sergals, Nevreans, and Talyxian-Stalkers were engaging in this type of shows as a performer who does 'vore'. Generally, for most of the events, the sacrifices were various creatures such as pigeons or cows. However, in illegal places, even Eltus races were sacrificed. In these cases, most of the victims were Nevreans, due to the 'discrimination against Nevreans' that continued until after RC70. Most of these were not clamped down on until 'human rights' for Nevreans were definitively guaranteed by law.


There is no either head of state or president in Gold Ring nation. The political system is worked in a representative which Bloodstones manage, the lineage of nobles composed of only pure Southern species of Sergals and Agudners who have originated within the nation and inherit a pedigree which has continued from ancient times.

On occasion, the members of the Council seek the advice of the enigmatic Talyxian Rooters whose wise opinions on certain political topics can be helpful, though otherwise, the Rooters refrain from becoming involved with official Eltus business. As a general rule, Talyxian Rooters can not participate in politics directly. There is a law among them that T-Rooters must not participate in Eltus politics directly and can only provide opinions when Eltus people ask them.

This organized administration developed suddenly after the world war. Before the world war, it consisted of a considerably old and relaxed system. Seeing from the whole land, the welfare or the study is superior. But, it almost depends on mutual help action for it, so it is hard to say that it is established.

Bloodstone and Bloodring

Bloodstone (formerly known as Nobles) is the name of a member in high society, able to trace back their pure-blooded roots and live within the inner circle.

They are comprised of only native races in Gold Ring, Sergals and Agudners, both are originated in the South. They are keeping their races pure with strong bloodlines since the beginning of Gold Ring.

As they have continued inbreeding and incest among Bloodstone families from ancient times in order to keep their bloodline pure, they have kept their traditional and original appearance as their Southern species. For example, Bloodstone Sergals have kept their brown fur and extremely small build.

They live in the central city in the nation and sit at the parliament table. The government in Gold Ring is enacted in a representative system worked by them.

Bloodstone people are the shadow of the Golden Glory days, they have a "blood painted" past. Their nobility lines are vastly different from the general affairs of aristocracy. They are not monarchs or lords, more or less resembling religiously engaged people. A form of self imposed victimized aristocrats.

The Bloodring is what they have named their society and system which presides over Gold Ring, and is centered around the "Blood painted past".

Currency System

Up until the beginning of the World War, people in Gold Ring had passed comparatively calm and quiet days. Every system and culture was considerably traditional and not strict, even the currency system was not strictly defined. As a rough barter system had functioned as the main method in trade and business in most of the Tal, even Gold Ring did not fall into within exceptions.

People had used various materials as money to trade with another item. General precious items which are frequently desired such as copper, silver, iron, dyes, spices and such were major materials which had worked as a substitute for money. Adults tended to use metal pieces and other items which are weighed with scales as coin substitutes, as well as common barter items. Children often used small common items such as shells for those. In page 2 of Vilous Manga Episode 3 "At the Festival", can see an Agudner boy called Ken, who wants shells as the toll for his shortcut. In this case, as he prefers to collect shells just as his hobby, shells can work as money for him.

The strict currency system named Cevia has founded in Gold Ring and Reono after the end of the war.

During the reconstruction of the nation after the war, the existence of the immigrant Nevreans, especially males brought a big influence which revolutes a culture in Gold Ring on a large scale. Along with that, the advertising industry also developed rapidly. Every shop began to compete intensely for customers.

As this situation made it impossible to follow all trade with only the traditional barter system, Gold Ring began building of Cevia system and minting currencies in a vague and unstable structure, and paper bills appeared at that time. However, because the folks had never touched and treated paper money up to this moment, they fell into a very confusing situation and frequently brawled during this period of unstable currency and rapid economic change. The cost of resources soared, it made many people take a pretty violent means to get supplies that they wanted.

Under these confusions, peace and public order in Gold Ring temporarily deteriorated, and this situation led to occur various social problems. Due to this, the government of the Gold Ring began to review the Cevia system. Finally, a strict currency system was defined properly after about RC 70.

Human Rights

The basic laws and society had guaranteed equal rights only for native races in Gold Ring, Sergals and Agudners, up until RC70. Nevreans had been treated as foreign residents, and did not have perfect 'human rights'. Because of this, many of them were bought, put in the lower class, and treated in an inhumane manner. After RC70, new laws guaranteed definite 'human rights' for Nevreans, and treated them as "the third race in Gold Ring".

Besides, parts of Talyxian-Stalkers also have become to gain the same rights as an intelligent race. However, unlike the case for Nevreans, this depends on conditions which they can show and prove. T-Stalkers are required to individually each go through certain procedures in order to be acknowledged by Eltus society as existence 'more than just an animal'. And even then after these close examinations, they are still considered 'only half-human' through. It vastly depends on the T-Stalkers ability to identify itself and behavior displayed.

Talyxian-Rooters are the exception to and inapplicable under these regulations. Because they are in by far further extraordinary special position, beyond the existence of 'human' or 'animal'.

Legal Issues

Murder, theft, and rape are prohibited by law indefinitely. However, all of theft and rape are not clamped down on because these cases can occur very frequently. If someone is detained and convicted, they receive punishment depending on the crime. In the dangerous areas, a careless person may be treated as the guilty one instead of the offenders. There are also often cases where things are justified through battle (trial by combat).

Eltus race people usually have a resident register and a domiciliary register. Because of this, they will suffer a suitable penalty when they receive retribution or punishment by law. It doesn't apply to ones who have no such register, but such individuals lack rights such as receiving vindication as a victim.

Judda System

The system which set a position named "Judda", who has an official position and works for a specific social role.

A person who has been appointed as Judda lives in the central city where important facilities such as government administration centers are generally found. The Judda does not weigh in on government affairs, however, and merely acts as a public symbol of grace and beauty.

Most of those who become the Judda is male Nevreans, though it is possible for Sergals or Agudners to become the Judda if they fulfill all requirements for such a position.

The system of the Judda can be most easily compared to the modern Japanese Emperor system. Like a role what the modern Japanese Emperor works, Judda has no right to governing the people. Judda is instead treated as a public idol, a representative symbol of the Gold Ring nation, and the greatest living treasure of Gold Ring. Additionally, the Judda is not a hereditary position, the title passes to an appointee, not a descendant when the office becomes vacant.

The official Gold Ring Judda in the modern generation is Quu. However, this will most likely be changed in a fixed period.

After 40 RC, with the end of the world war, people looked to the Judda concept with more respect and purpose due to the influence of the last Western Sergal survivors. It was meant to serve as a reminder of how tragic war is, and why it should be avoided. However, even then the concept of the Judda does not have a specific purpose, and some hold on to it just for fun.

Thanks to the respect the Judda carries, thieves generally do not try to go near the central city where the nobles and bureaucrats live because they fear Judda for various reasons. The Judda can hold this much influence even in the modern era.

Gold Ring Vigilance Committee

The vigilance committee rules a wide range of Southern lands (including Gold Ring, the neighboring municipalities, surrounding rural areas, and small towns). It has both roles of the police and the armies.

They are not definite armies such as the Shigu Clan, instead, they operate something like Self-Defense Forces in Japan. In the event of an emergency, vigilance committee members will be gathered and receive a salary for their service. Sometimes there are training events for such cases.


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