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Some examples of creatures that belong to the Talyxian organism group

Talyxians (タリクシアン Tarikushian) are the organism group which covers both mobile creatures (animals) and sessile creatures (plants), consisting of very wide, various, plural kinds; "Talyxian creatures" or "Talyxian organisms". They are common and basic living things that live in the Planet Tal. Most of the biota, flora and fauna, natural environments on Tal belong to Talyxian Biomes, a colony composed of this organism group. They have very alien, strange, complex features on their biology and ecology, that are greatly different from creatures that belong to Eltus organism group and common creatures on Earth.

Some of them in this group such as Talyxian Stalkers and Dogs display a partial, inorganic constituent across the surface of their body parts, it may take up a mechanical appearance, however, they are not a machine, cyborg, or robot beings.

As they can be said to be a different existence from Eltus organisms, Eltus folk generally consider Talyxians as alien beings and distinguish from themselves in their cultural sense.

This article describes the common features of all Talyxians. To read about each Talyxian species creatures, see each article on the List of Creatures in Talyxian Organism Group and Areas within Talyxian Biome Realm.


Sergals adorned in armor and equipment to adapt on an alien environment in Talyxian biomes, are exploring on a plain within Thekan region, just a front of a forest. Here, can see many strange sessile creatures that look like plants, colored with reddish tones such as purple, pink, or grayish tones including white. They belong to Talyxian Sessile Organisms, Talyxian organisms which considered to be 'plants'. They compose a common flora on Planet Tal.

Biology and ecology within the Talyxian organism group are very complex and diverse. In addition to this, even in the classification of their species, it is not sure whether they have actual divisions of "species" as they have a strong instability and fluidity in their biological identity.

For some examples of their biological instability and fluidity; Some may exhibit a 'behavior' that can be considered to be akin to reproduction or cross-breeding between the organisms which have a greatly different form from each other. Some may turn into a totally different form depending upon the environment surrounding them. Some can intake a different kind of Talyxian creature within their inner body in order to use them as their own organ.

Not only this, their biology and ecology predominantly feature very unparalleled, chaotic, and various peculiarities, which are not seen in common Eltus and Earth creatures.

As some examples;

  • Most of the creatures have non-colored blood, such as gray or black. Some of them have more colorful body fluids in plural kinds.
  • Sessile Organisms in this group, which are considered to be 'plants', do not display green tones as they have no chlorophyll. Instead, they are generally colored with reddish or grayish tones.
  • Some may show alternative genders rather than the simple binary female and male, sometimes up to four different genders.
  • Some may change their gender acquired depends on the environment surrounding them.
  • Some perform reproductive behavior in a way that does not apply to either sexual reproduction or asexual reproduction.
  • As most of them generally display strong randomness in their appearance, shape, and form. In some cases, it is not an actual mutational species nor subspecies capable, however, all of them are biologically the same kind of creature and just show only minor differences in appearance.
  • Depending on the environment and situation surrounding them, they may allow mixing and cross-breeding between those which have totally different biology and ecology.
  • Some may allow 'grafting' to be performed between animals and plants if they have biologically similar genes to each other.

And so on.

Also, within the biological realm of the Talyxian organism group, the boundaries and biological difference between animals and plants differ wildly and far away from the definition in which plants and animals on Earth and Eltus organism group have. In Tal's biology, Sessile type organisms and every immobile or static creatures are considered to be 'plants' even if they are technically animals. This definition includes remains of massive corpses or fossils that form a shape which looks like a plant. As such, Tal's biology defines the difference of animal or plant, based on their superficial behavior and situation rather than actual biological and inner difference; dynamic or static.

Because of hereinbefore reasons, they are very difficult or next-to-impossible to be defined and classified strictly within the same parameters of biological law in which Eltus organisms or common creatures on Earth possess. However, rather than actual biological classification such as plants or animals, they still show some certain biological and ecological trends depends on hues which each display; Red / Meat type, Gray / Skin type, Black / Nerve type, and White / Bone type. As a result, there are general and broad classification and distinguishing of Talyxian creatures based on these trends of hues.

In Gold Ring towards the modern era, biology scientists carry out "GR Standard Classification" for Talyxian organisms, in order to attribute a name and division of "species" to them. This style limits the way which names them while referring to their biology, which in turn can be distinguished visually from their appearance and behavior. As such, the method to classify Talyxians still relies on superficial features, rather than cellular and genetic classification.

Meanwhile, in Shigu, there is the traditional way of naming and classification which shamans have performed for a long period of time. This is somewhat of a mysterious and unique style, which is greatly different to what Gold Ring does. The way of naming and classification relies on shamans spiritual and intuitive sense based on 'sound' and 'atmosphere' - How and what they sensed from creatures. As names which are attributed with this style are impossible to express in written words with a specific and fixed spelling, this style is not used so much outside of the Shigu region.

Despite the fact that Talyxians and Eltus are considered to be different existences, the actual differences between them are still not defined completely. Because some kinds of Talyxian creatures may display features and traits in nature which are similar to what Eltus organism creatures have. As well, almost all of Eltus organisms which include both races and plants show more or less Talyxian traits in nature, while the varying degree depends on the species.

In definition, they fall under the same umbrella term "Tal's Primitive Creatures", and their origin is veiled in mystery.


The form of the name "Talyxian ***" and "Talyxian" itself is generally not used among Eltus folks. People usually refer to them while with commonly shared names from the creatures on Earth, such as "Weasels" or "Hamsters". As well, a simple common name of Talyxians own things, such as Dondokos or Odei are also used. As a prominent example, Eltus people usually refer to Talyxian Stalkers as just "cats" while the name of "Talyxian-Stalker" is considered to be a scientific name.

Eltus folks often use the words "Alien Biomes" as a generic name for the whole of Talyxians or Talyxian biomes. In addition, they often will also just make use of the word "monster" in order to describe ferocious and harmful creatures such as Actinias.

In Gold Ring towards the modern era, the name of "Talyxians" itself is used as a respectable race name as well for a part of Talyxian-Stalkers who have acquired 'human rights', awarded to them via GR laws.

However, if someone were to call the Eltus race people as 'Talyxian' with malice, it is comparable to insulting.

Talyxians and salt

Almost all of the Talyxian organisms avoid salts for unknown reasons. Salt is not inherently toxic to Talyxian creatures, but they have an inherent repulsion towards touching of salt, especially on their mucous membrane areas in their body parts. They will feel intense pain and discomfort if salt is applied, especially to an open wound. For comparison, it is significantly more painful to Talyxians compared to those of the Eltus people.

The truth behind the biological relationship between salt and Talyxians is still a deeply unknown matter to Eltus. However, it is common knowledge among the Eltus people that salt is a very effective deterrent to almost all Talyxians.


The scene of some Talyxian plants excreting Hizomi-Nonbon, and Kadd will be going to crack it for taking out a crystal of salt. From Vilous Comic - Dark Clouds of the Shigu.

Hizomi-Nonbon is some kind of excrement which Talyxian creatures excrete after they have ingested salts by eating Eltus creatures.

When man-eating Talyxian creatures eat Eltus people, they will try to excrete salts that are included within Eltus blood, a process which takes a long time. These salt contents will be consolidated into one lump and they will be wrapped with a black material which has a firm quality, similar to rubber. As a result, the entire lump will be comprised of the black material, and will be excreted as such. It can be noted that within the lump, there is an unalloyed crystal of salt at the center.

If the creature has ingested something which possesses a highly-concentrated salt amount, they may not digest it and instead just wrap a whole of it with the black material.

While "Hizomi-Nonbon" is a most popular name, this stuff is referred to with various aliases depending on the region. Some people may refer to this as just "Hizomi" or "Nonbon". Eltus folks use this as material for magic rituals. Because of this, when people come across Hizomi-Nonbon, they will usually venture out in order to crack it with a tool such as a knife, in order to gain a crystal of salt.

List of Talyxian Organims

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