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Welcome to The Official Vilous Wiki!

●2023.Nov.2 update●
I have closed VilousWiki while I check and update to reduce spreading too old data and
unwilling information that written years ago. I'll open it again after check with myself.

2023.5 ミック小野
● Notes●
This Vilous Wiki website was written by multiple editors of international until around 2015~2019.
Due to the lack of content and demand mainly from overseas, a large amount of content was
hastily written and translated against the intentions of the original author, myself, Mick Ono.
The contents are not all written by myself, and there are some conflicts between the fan community and the
original author, as well as differences of policy and interpretation in the production and updating.
The content of this website is still in the planning stage and is not yet complete.
Our policy for the future is to protect old articles, and to publish a version that has been extensively
reexamined and revised by Mick Ono himself.We would be happy if you could view the contents
with the above understanding that the contents are in an incomplete state. 2023.5 Mick Ono