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This article describes overviews of common beverages on Planet Tal.

Drinking Water

Pure water is a very precious commodity on Planet Tal, most if not all of it is used for drinking water.

Many lakes or swamps that can be found within Talyxian Biome realms on the north are characterized by mucilaginous water and inhabiting of various kinds of Talyxian creatures such as planktons and small aquatic animals ranging from comparatively big ones to smaller sized ones.

These water areas are one of the most familiar water sources for native Northern folks, and they have been making use of these water areas for a long time. However, people who come from other regions often avoid or do not prefer to use them as there are many unidentified microorganisms within the water source, such as rivers and swamps in the Northern lands. Of course, salt lakes are exempt from this situation. Because of their saline content, it ensures fine hygiene while keeping at bay any potential threatening Talyxian microorganisms.

In the later stages of the Rain Calendar, Northern lands would benefit from organized, clean water sources, such as dug wells and water drawn from the Lyvank mountains.

Many Talyxian water places that can be found within deeper or riskier areas of Talyxian Biomes are definitely not suitable and safe to use as drinking water. There's a high ratio of discomfort that Eltus people can have as well as the potential danger of that equivalent-of-a-parasite damaging them deadly or even altering their anatomy permanently. Notably, in the Vilous novella "A Braveyard", the swampy waters of the Magoe are described as being forbidden from drinking.

Gold Ring residents have the richest options of beverages out of any place on the planet, thanks to the blessing of Salt Lake ColVilous. In ancient times before Gold Ring had been established, small water sources on the Sailzane desert and Eltus crabs that functioned as a mark to signify the location of a nearby water source and themselves contain water content, also greatly helped Southern Sieg, as a very helpful and important existence to stay hydrated in the desert. This background is considered as the origin which led Eltus crabs to be treated as sacred animals among the Southern folks.

In modern days, the Gold Ring folks use water from Salt Lake ColVilous as the biggest source of drinking water, however, they have to pass through a process of diluting or filtering it because water from ColVilous is highly saline as well as there is a high concentration of other minerals in the water and soil of the Sailzane desert region.


Various kinds of juices can be found in Gold Ring, thanks to the blessing of Salt Lake ColVilous and rich ingredients that are produced within the nation or imported from other regions. As the folks tend to prefer colorful and flamboyant things, they are frequently enhanced with a plethora of different food coloring agents, the same as confectioneries.

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverages and drinks that function akin to those are presented in various regions throughout Planet Tal. One of the popular materials is originated from beans, or dairy products consisting of the fluid secretions of domestic Talyxian snail cows and goats.

Imagoi the Talyxian sessile organism, due to their inner liquid functioning akin to alcohol, some people may consider it as an equivalent in the Vilous universe, however, they cannot be roughly compared or said to be the same material. Imagoi is a much riskier substance and requires very careful handling, much more than that of normal alcoholic beverages. Imagoi is still independent and a different material from the common alcohols. To avoid misunderstanding, Imagoi liquid still could be used for an ingredient for alcoholic beverages. Imagoi drinks as one of the kinds of alcoholic beverages also would be present, though it's definitely to be the illegal products in the Gold Ring nation. However, the important point is that Imagoi itself is not the only material of alcohol equivalent within the Vilous universe.


Tea comes in two major varieties: Bean Tea that is made from boiled beans, and Shrimp Tea that is made from the roasted shells of terrestrial Talyxian shrimps. Shrimp tea is usually consumed with salt, much like seaweed tea in Japan on Earth.

Coffee or equivalent is not confirmed currently.

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