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A village of native Nevreans located somewhere in the Nev Mountains, where falls under the range of Nevrea region. This village is between or in a valley, so as to avoid the threatening Talyxian creatures. On the front of the artwork, there is a rather androgynous-looking male Nevrean in a sense of the Nevrean race. On the depth parts of the artwork, we can see a pair of males who are enjoying chatting in an easy-going style, and females are engaging in their daily works or domestic chores.

Native Nevreans (ネイティブネウリア) are original tribes of Nevrean race. They live in Western lands on Planet Tal, ranging from Vetla region located on northwest down to Nevrea region where covers rugged mountainous areas of Nev Mountains.

Their habitation is not urbanized, as they are keeping their culture in traditional and tribe lifestyle for a long. Their culture and society feature a very unique, unparalleled, and strictly formed system based on their gender roles. It is totally different from what other Eltus races such as Sergals and Agudners have.

As most of them are very exclusive toward other Eltus race, and their homeland has been in a state which can be said to be national seclusion or closed country, they have maintained a civilization of their own with only Nevreans for a long time. While Nevreans who were living in Vetla region had been carrying out a cultural exchange with only Western Sergals and Gold Ring from of old, Nevreans who live in mountainous areas of Nev Mountains never allow to be acculturated and intercultural exchanges with other countries. They will continue to keep their culture as a pure state until the time of the end of Planet Tal.

As some Nevreans were living in Vetla region, surrounding of Western Sergals habitation, there were cultural exchanges between these native Nevreans and Western Sergals. After General Rain and her Shigu armies invasion toward the West during the world war, all alliances between native Nevreans and Western Sergals completely disappeared as all Western Sergals were killed by Rain except few survivors who took refuge toward Gold Ring. These refugees included some Nevreans and they became the first generation of Urban Nevreans.

Main article for common features of all Nevreans


The festival in the Northwest on Planet Tal, within Vetla region. Here, Western Sergals and Native Nevreans are enjoying the festival with musical harmony. Male Nevreans are playing a musical instrument and performing their dance, and a Sergal is playing a percussion instrument. Sergal and Female Nevrean on the bottom right are toasting.

Their society features a traditional lifestyle centered on gorgeous opera which is culturally performed with only males actors, and very unique and unparalleled style in romantic culture.

Stories and themes in their opera are composed of a homosexual romance between males. All actor males follow formed roles and manners which will be given to each one and classic stories which continue to be handed down from of old. While basic and major themes in opera are a gay romance between males, there are stories which express a homosexual romance between females as well. However, casts are always composed of only male actors in any case.

With regard to unisex culture, there are a bow and arrow as one more main tradition. While both males and females will learn how to use a bow and arrow, this subject is especially important learning for females.

Due to their isolated culture, they cannot use the Gold Ring language, an official language in Planet Tal except some Nevreans who were living in Vetla region.

There are no written words in their culture. Due to this, there is no lyrics and musical score in their song and music. They convey all of the information only with oral conversation. Also, the combination of colors of males feathers and the pattern of their dance sometimes have meanings, and it can play as one way to tell something.

There is a term of "Judda" in their culture, this functions in different concept and role from Judda system which Gold Ring performs.

As their sexual culture is totally different from other races, they never perform sexual intercourse for fun or pleasure in any case. Their sexual intercourse is strictly carried out only in the serious reproductive purpose, and every behavior and expression ranging from romantic expression in their opera stories and songs kept as a clean and chaste thing due to their culture sense.


All females value all males socially and traditionally, more than just as partners. This manner is considered to be their cultural virtue and the most important condition to continue keeping peaceful days.

The situation which males always enjoy freedom in their life, and keep being able to flutter while displaying their beautiful and glittering feathers, it is considered to be a highly desirable situation in all of their society. Males beautiful appearance is considered to be the immortal hope in their myths and legends; the soul of beautiful males is said to rebirth while showing glittering light even if their body has gone, and newly born males will inherit that soul.

The occupations that they can take depend on each strict gender roles that have been formed and defined from ancient times. Males basically take the front position of the stage of artistic behavior such as opera and chorus. In contrast with it, females work on technical jobs for usual life while taking the position of the backstage.

Native females

Female Native Nevrean who just became an adult

They definitely work on serious roles; health management like keeping meals and safety for oneself and their husband, gathering foods, hunting, taking care of eggs and children, protect everyone against dangerous wildlife, and endeavor to keep males performing arts activities eternally, along with those workings.

As male Nevreans are entrusted only artistic behavior, females focus on every task which is essential for life. While working very hard and seriously in such a bitter life, they get "the healing for the heart" from opera which beautiful males perform.

In their cultural virtue, females are required to keep silent. Due to this, they generally do not say something unless they have the purpose to tell important or serious information. Especially, talking to males despite no certain purpose is considered as very rude behavior. And between females can share one's thoughts or feelings via tacit understanding. It is mainly composed of great respect for each other's husband, and it is why females can strongly cooperate and share the same values what is most important, with other females.

Their ability is very superior for those activities for usual life. Since they have built a settlement on rough spots like mountainous area and cliffs from ancient times, they can build a very complicated fixing structure on various terrain by their skillful group work.

They basically have no freedom they choose for fun, especially that their freedom to fall in love romance has prohibited due to their culture sense. Specifically, from this rule, females can't send voluntary love words to males in any case. Instead of it, females can enjoy viewing males gay romance that can find from opera and the scene of daily life. This function comes from the own system of native nevreans; females project oneself into males that have every freedom, then females get the vicarious fun through imagining actual feelings that males enjoy. Further, females have been respected as a full-fledged member who can support to keep a fine culture for the first time when accomplished marrying with one's destiny male. Because a married female is considered to can perfectly empathize to one's husband by a thinking own male as 'another body of oneself'. And those female are considered to can enjoy opera more deeply, and understand the true value of males. The marriage can be said to be the forever promise to males from females - "I entirely respect my male's every personality, and I will support its every activity forever". Another view from this, one's husband can be recognized as its wife female's 'another personality'.

Native Nevreans follow a specific ceremony marking the females’ transition into adulthood. Learning that they will be unable to fly in future, their wings are cut as a rite of passage. Feathers cut during the coming of age ceremony are used to fashion an arrow that will be of special significance to the new adult Nevrean.

They fully take an audience side for every entertainment like opera, songs, and music. They never appear on the stage of opera as an actor. But for great chorus, females also join to it, but they will work to set the rhythm while entrusting main melodies to males, and sometimes give an idea for the composition of music.

Native males

Native male wearing a special costume for the festival.

All males are traditionally intended to become an actor for an opera which is an important culture among Native Nevreans. Due to this, they are thoroughly taught about sing and dance when have come to age.

Generally, all adult males are entrusted only matters with regard to opera, such as singing, dancing, and acting. Any task in life such as common domestic chores is not asked to them except the unavoidable circumstances. This intends to keep them perform and focus on only artistic behavior in addition to the fact males are unsuitable to risky tasks such as hunting as male Nevreans have a very fragile physical.

Since all of the regular males naturally have a beautiful and adorable appearance and behavior, they can unintentionally provide entertainment for females by the action of playing around innocently with other males. Especially their opera and songs are most important for peaceful native nevrean society, they devoted to keep and improve one's excellent performance instinctively, even if they never are asked. They always create new dances and words for romantic songs one after another and enthralled their audiences females with those brilliant expressions.

The situation which everyone can always enjoy beautiful songs which males sing, it is considered to be a highly desirable situation in all of their society. Due to this, they inevitably learn a song and enjoy daily talking with their very high-pitched falsetto. Especially their talking manner is too active as well as excessive, they even take the initiative for voluntary speech than wait to hear a response.

The existence of males can be valued as the only entertainment for Nevrea culture, their freewheeling and footloose behavior in daily can make fantastic and romantic vibes easily. And it greatly plays the function of spiritual healing for females who have contrasting roles. The most featured one from this is every scene of their gay love romance. They mainly show it in their opera story, but their romantic behavior like talking and singing also extend to their usual life, then females can enjoy males gay romance anytime even if out of opera.

The relationship of males gay love and the marriage with a female is considered totally different role strictly. Because of this, they enjoy love romance between males without any hesitancy even if it is a married male. And its wife females also greatly enjoy seeing the situation that one's husband is falling in love with other males.

That male gets to be projected from a female is considered to be the existence like 'avatar' for its female. Through this system, every male can bring the 'virtual pleasure' for females. And its relationship and a function can become to fully work when male married its destiny female. Moreover, a married male is given a more important role in a cast of opera, but except Judda male because is stipulated to be unmarried for a lifetime.


As nevreans growth system, all children have no gender difference until reach puberty. See also: Children and its growth system in the main article of Nevreans
Both gender children enjoy flying to play freely.

As they grow, someday girls will find out that females will lose their wings due to nevrean biological and sexual change along with growth in the future. Also because of both physical state and traditional gender rules, they will get to know that they should forget the past times that they were able to fly and enjoy freedom regardless of gender. Then they begin to learn how to use weapons while understanding the harsh fate of females for being a fine adult. And they will learn strictly that girls must not be involved in making and providing every romantic entertainment like songs, dance, opera. Exceptionally, they will learn how to use a part of a musical instrument for their great chorus that is important traditional culture for the entire of them. But it's also stipulated traditional gender roles, females exclusively learn only how to adjust the rhythm by lower sounds and percussion.

Meanwhile, boys begin to learn songs and how to dance for opera, and they can keep their freedom of pleasure as usual from their childhood. However, they are told the rules that boys must not be involved in making and usage of weapons as possible apart from archery that is their unisex and common culture.

Sexuality and reproduction rules

As the very unparalleled culture sense in origin of nevrean race, they consider a "romance" and a "reproduction" as totally different function definitely. And they completely separate those two function along with their social gender roles.

In strict basic, a "romance" is a role for males, and a "reproduction" is a role for females. This two roles never be dealt with the same. Specifically, every romantic behavior and relationship that be found from the daily scene and opera between males never lead to actual sexual intercourse. And actual sexual intercourse is carried out between an only a married couple of male and female, for a definite reproduction.

A "romance" is considered a way of spiritual and fantasy expression. In contrast, a "reproduction" is a way of practical and serious achievement for a descendants prosperity. Those intentions also come from the basis of their gender role - males belong to the romantic role and females belong to a serious role.

Further, they may have no idea for handling sexual intercourse as entertainment in their original way because 'unspoiled' males don't have an external penis in any way and their copulation way is similar to the intercourse of modern birds style from Earth. See also: Genitalia structure of Nevreans

Every romantic behavior and relationship that be found between males be performed at the public place as a social premise. Then everyone can see the scene of gay romance in everywhere like the story of opera and usual daily situation. But all of those never reach any lewd behavior.

Actual sexual intercourse is strictly entrusted to females as a serious role related to life. Only a couple of male and female who are definitely married carry out it at necessarily the hidden place during the estrus period only. Every function related to reproduction like a laying egg and an incubation is a deeply serious and important role for females. Widow female will help the other female's egg incubation. And, even males also will help the egg incubation if there's only that married couple of male and female or are in a small group.

Various behavior and expression related to romance are filled with males gay romance basically, but there are also things between females. But in contrast to that male's gay romance is treated as very positive existence, females lesbian romance tend to be treated as something of negative by some reasons.

Also, there's strong cooperative relationship and reliance between males and females, but in fact, actual and superficial feelings and behavior related to a romance between male and female don't appear on the surface of every scene. ::Note:: This is still tentative canon.

Religion and law

A deviant beautiful male who is recognized to be as Judda, and excellent female fighter who is worthy of the chieftain is respected as the object of faith.

Form of law is dealt with their traditional lifestyle on the same basis as. A person who disobeys from regular cultural norms is enough to be recognized as an evildoer. Especially members of Out Ring are considered as the worst case. They almost have no idea about every urban people living in a city like Gold Ring with foreigner race due to a very far distance and exclusive state of their land. But because a restive person who corresponds to Out Ring may sometimes appear from them, they are always afraid of occurrence of that person and most abhor that person as an icon of worst villain who tarnishes the original peaceful society.

Judda system

There is a conception of "Judda" in their cultural and religious sense, but it is own concept of their culture and is different from Judda system in Gold Ring. See also: Main article for the common concept of Judda

A whole of regular males equally have a beautiful appearance but the particularly beautiful male is recognized as and is given the position of Judda. The entire native nevreans take an endeavor to protect them.

Judda males never marry anyone. This rule is enacted for keeping possible that all person always can project oneself to Judda male because the self-projection is an important way to bring peace for all in their culture. Because in their cultural sense, being married is regarded as becoming that wife's personal property, and as for the self-projection, only that wife female can project oneself to her husband. From this reason, Judda can be 'public property' for all person by being unmarried eternally. Especially for females who are unmarried or widow, they can get peace of mind and spiritual healing by projection to Judda male even if there's no its husband. And it also helps males who have not beautiful appearance by nature.


The music is the main entertainment and important culture which has been handed down from generation to generation from ancient times, the same as opera. There's no lyrics and musical score in their songs because they don't have a written language and no way of writing.

During the great chorus, two genders perform each traditional roles - males provide the main melody with their high-pitched falsetto and various beautiful voice, while females set the rhythm with their lower-pitched voices and percussion performed with chattering their beaks like a castanet. When a soprano is not enough, they add the musical instrument like a flute for compensating it.

Eating habits

They depend on gathering nuts and beans mainly. "Blood beans" are their staple food. Females also hunt small animals, and the game sometimes includes bigger sized animals like deer. There are also some wild animals, it is not definite domestic animals but nevrean people can coexist with them and will sometimes take them as easy foods because almost of creatures inhabiting on high mountain areas are harmless. All of management and procurement for foods are entrusted to females.

There's no culture that captures wild animals and breeds them as domestic animals, but nevrean people sometimes get profit from them with some way that is not only hunting. E.g.: There are mountain goats that belong to shellfish creatures, and having an appearance that is similar to slugs. Nevrean people sometimes take their secretion as "wild shellfish milk".


There are ethnic clothes of their own. Males usually very simple clothes like just one brown cloth, and showy costumes are worn only during the festival. That manner has come from thoughts that males don't need to dress up excessively because males have a naturally beautiful appearance.

::Note:: A lot of info for this section is almost undecided yet. More info will be added later.

Influence from the World War

Due to the fact that the Shigu armies were lead by the General Rain and that she had shown very low interest in other races due to her strong attachment to sergals, most of them have been safe from attacks of said clan; some skirmishes did happen but the Nev Mountains did not get invaded and remained in the hands of its original inhabitants. Though, after Rain's attack, all alliances of Natives and Western Sergals completely disappeared.

Some Nevreans who were close to Sergals took refuge in the southern lands with a few Western Sergal survivors. They are the first Nevreans whom they visited Gold Ring. Therefore they will become Urban Nevreans afterward.

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