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Notice: This article strongly features WIP nature.
Existing information in this article is available, however, due to the ongoing development of the concept in the Vilous Original Stories, this article is necessarily incomplete. Because the Canon is subject to change as the story evolves, parts of this article may change greatly in the future.

Reference for a gender comparison of Nevrean race.

Nevreans (Japanese: ネブリャン, Nébryan) are a species that belong to the Eltus organism group. They have a similar appearance to feathered dinosaurs with a distinct case of sexual dimorphism. Nevreans are one of the three sentient and sapient Eltus races, that Sergals and Agunders belong to as well and are regarded as "Human" collectively or the "Human Existence" on Planet Tal.

When compared to both Sergals and Agudners, Nevreans have very distinct and unparalleled differences between males and females. Both genders share smaller and slender physiques than the other two races. Because of their sexual dimorphism, both male and female Nevreans could be considered their own species.

The gender differences between the two can often be hard to understand, because of this there is often a misunderstanding between the species as a whole. A common example of the confusion and misconception would be "Nevreans have reversed gender roles compared to Earth's Humans," however, this is definitely not the correct way of understanding Nevreans for various reasons. When in reality, Nevreans just have extreme contrast and unparalleled gender roles.

Nevreans are Oviparous, making them an egg-laying species. Because of this Nevreans do not have a navel or breasts. Among the three Eltus races, Nevreans are the only species who are born from eggs.

The origin of the Nevrean race can be found from the Nev Mountains, very steep and craggy mountains located on the realm of the Nevrea region, the Western lands of Tal. Residents in the Nevrea region are their original and Native race, and Nevreans who live in civilized areas such as Gold Ring fall under Urban Nevrean. There are several highly notable differences in the cultures of both Native Nevreans and Urban Nevreans, due to many historical and cultural reasons. Native Nevreans are very exclusive and unfriendly against the other Races and their culture while Urban Nevreans who mainly live in Gold Ring, are comparatively friendly towards the other races.

Canon representative members of the race would be Yun Yagili as the female and Quu as the male.


Although Nevreans are known for having stark gender differences, all Nevrean children do not have gender differences in both appearance and behavior throughout their infancy to childhood. (The details are mentioned in the below section.) Exactly the same as how chickens and peafowls in real life grow, Nevreans also begin with no or little gender difference at first, and when they have reached puberty and attain distinct sexual dimorphism, they will finally experience a big-scaled change to separate into "female" or "male" clearly.

Compared to life on Earth, while Nevreans' appearances have been described as bird-like, they also display many similar features to that of feathered dinosaurs. For example, having teeth and a crowned head with visibly stout horns swept backward.

Each gender has its own specifications and is completely different from the other. In comparison to Earth's Humans, the gender roles of Nevreans are both lopsided and polarized. The difference between the two genders can be described as "black and white", "shadows and light", or "Yin and Yang".

The gender differences in Nevreans are sometimes expressed as being "Gender-Reversed", however, this is absolutely not the correct way of understanding Nevreans, even though it may appear this way at first glance. A correct way of understanding their predisposition and nature in their gender could fall under Gender-Neutral or Non-Binary when compared to Earth's stereotypes.

See the following chart for differences in both appearance and ways of thinking;

  Female Male
Appearance Dinosaur-like, fierce appearances. Bird-like, beautiful appearances.
Build Tough physical constitution. Fragile physical constitution.
Specialty Practically minded -- Technical workers, engineers, hunters, guards, dieticians, architects, etc. Creatively minded -- Artists, musicians, actors, dancers, entertainers, comedians, etc.
Personality "Down-to-earth" in a word -- Serious, decent, careful, realist, and cautious. Have a passive and secretive nature. "Utopian" in a word -- Hilarious, light-hearted, careless, idealistic, and talkative. Have an active and sociable nature.
Flight Ability Can't take any flight, instead of good at running. Can take glide.
Symbolism "Shadows", "Land", "Reality", and "Yin(陰)" "Light", "Sky", "Fantasy", and "Yang(陽)"

Nevreans have many stark differences but they do have common unisex features: they are quite skillful with their hands and are both generally smaller and slender compared to the other Eltus Races. Both genders love music although there still is a gender divide in how they are involved in music. Male Nevreans generally play the role of a musician and singer while females listen to males music and stick to being an audience.

As same as they have big sexual dimorphism in physical aspects, they also have clear differences in their behaviors and social roles and activities between males and females. Basically, males are artistically creative, they usually play the role of artists or entertainers, such as actors, musicians, singers, dancers, performers, and comedians. In contrast, females engage in pragmatic works, such as food procurement, housing maintenance, fight against enemies and protect people, and other various technical cooperations and general domestic chores to maintain life.

Native Nevreans have been very exclusive, conservative, and isolated in the Nevrea region, their homeland, located in the far west of Planet Tal. They are in a state similar to a closed country. The native Nevreans who live in the region have maintained their own culture with only their race for a long period of time. The northern part of the Nevrea region where overlaps Vetla forest has been the only exception to this. Vetla is the only region that has been actively exchanging culture with the Gold Ring nation. Even though a cultural exchange has been established, most native Nevreans still have no grasp on the other foreign countries and races on Tal.

Around the year 33 in the Rain Calendar, during the events of the World War, Nevreans who had lived in the Vetla region took refuge at Gold Ring and had stayed there permanently. Nowadays, these immigrants and their descendants are known as those who are defined as urban Nevreans. From the time Nevreans first immigrated to Gold Ring, they would be subject to a harsh and difficult life filled with racial discrimination from the other races until the year 70 in the Rain Calendar. These Nevreans would lawfully get their Human Rights in the year 70 finally joining the ranks of both Sergals and Agudners.

Due to their unique genitalia structure and mating style (mentioned in the below section), their interest to seek sexual pleasure is originally very low. As the most representative example of this, all native Nevreans do never consider sexual intercourse as an act to get pleasure, and they just save it exclusively for pure reproductive purposes while keeping any romantic feeling away from sexual desire. Meanwhile, urban Nevreans have fairly different situations from those of the natives for this point because they live in a totally different social environment.

Because native Nevreans have valued and treated "males gay romance" as the major theme of their traditional opera, almost all Nevreans do not have an antipathy or aversion towards homosexual relationships. In addition to this, because in the native culture, any romantic feeling is never associated with sexual desire, they consider every type of romantic relationship in a greatly different way from the other Eltus races and Earthians.

Common Misconceptions and Narrow Viewpoints

Nevreans are a unique race which has very contrasting gender roles and differs from Earth's gender basics. Due to this, the minutia behind their gender basics is quite hard to understand and more often than not there is quite a lot of misunderstanding with regards to them.

A common example is "Nevreans have gender opposites to humans," it may be an easy explanation for people seeing Nevreans at first glance, but it is never a perfect description when considering their racial features correctly.

In actuality, Nevreans, exactly, amplify various specific aspects that all humans hidden inside, regardless of gender or biological sex.

For example;

Serious / Realistic / Logical / Thoughtful / Careful / Practical -- These aspects fall under "Female Nevrean" elements.

Playful / Optimistic / Hilarious / Sociable / Creative / Imaginative -- These aspects fall under "Male Nevrean" elements.

It's why that they cannot be explained like "gender-reversed" race because the above elements are purely located in a gender-neutral state and they cannot be associated with the concepts of either "feminine" or "masculine".

In conclusion, the best way to understand them is to forget the real standard of femininity and masculinity and instead use it to refer to the standard of the opposite gender related to Nevreans. Rather than "Girlish = Feminine. Boyish = Masculine", it would be "Bright = Masculine. Muted = Feminine", etc.

On Males

For a long time, there has been a narrow viewpoint around that male Nevreans are simply "girly boys". In actuality, the characteristic of "Girly" is not a need-to-obey standard, it is just a choice in how a part of Urban males can work. Not all males are like that. If we need to define it strictly, the overall male average would be androgynous persons filled with beautiful looks.

Male Nevreans basic and original nature is more generally cheerful, hilarious, fun, creative, and imaginative person regardless of whether they seem like they belong to a specific gender.

They have a wider range of personality and behavior types than just "femboy". There are both males who look like your average "boys" or just "handsome men" and ones which look like "femboys" from an Earthlian's sense. Or, more ambiguous-looking individuals.

Also, they have sometimes been mentioned as being "effeminate" or doing "effeminate" acts, however, this is also not a perfect description to cover how male Nevreans function. Because, while they are carrying the basic natures that can not be associated with either "feminine" or "masculine" as mentioned above, still, some parts of their core natures, innocent and playful features, are clearly intended to be like mischievous and naughty young boys rather than "effeminate" characteristics.

These are all factors which need to come into consideration and why it is hard to say something along the lines of "Male Nevreans are effeminate," because there are many unparalleled gender roles which are totally different from normal Earth-like conventions in their racial culture, ranging from Biological, Psychological and Social standpoints of their respective species and lifestyles.

On Females

As same as the case of males mentioned above, there have been similar matters around female Nevreans also. Every female Nevrean has sometimes been considered like typical "tomboys", or vulgar, rough, manly ladies, however, this is also a quite narrow viewpoint and not a correct understanding. These elements are not the basic features that females Nevreans carry by default, rather, some parts of these stereotypes are contrary to the core and basic natures designed for female Nevreans.

As mentioned, the average gender characteristic of all Nevreans, in essence, is rather androgynous and gender-neutral things when compared to Earth's stereotypes. Due to this, when mention is strictly made of their appearance, as same as the case of males, there are also both females who look like your average "lady" and ones who look like "manly lady" from an earthling's sense. Or, more ambiguous-looking individuals.

About their social roles and means also, they have sometimes been explained as "manly" or "masculine" because they usually take on heavy work roles, however, this is really not a good description still. Because female Nevreans are in charge of almost all parts of domestic chores and child-rearing as well as taking all parts of the heavy lifting. This is why their society and the species itself cannot be expressed as being "Gender-Reversed" simply. Eventually, they are designed to be their own specifications that are just greatly different from those of Earthians.

And more than anything, when it comes to female Nevreans, there have been quite negative misconceptions that "Female Nevreans are brutal, cruel, violent species", however, these stereotypes are very harmful to the species concept itself as same as the case that all Sergals have been considered identical to General Rain Silves. These aggressive behaviors are generally confined to outlaws belong to Out Ring and those under their influence. Because common female Nevreans are designed to be pretty decent, protective, and down-to-earth people, the notorious stereotype for the species leads to deadly misunderstandings and misconceptions.

At the same time as the above case, there has been a misconception that females can be "noisy and foul-mouthed", however, such behaviors are not intended as what normal females usually do. Rather, noisy and wise-cracking behaviors are much more the preserve of male Nevreans. In actuality, females are very cautious and careful, they will by default abstain from speaking up too much or overly verbose. The use of profanity to curse and bully is basically limited to outlaws who belong to Out Ring, or even if not so, the use of dirty or rough language is generally reserved for certain situations; Those who are drunk, those who are extremely upset beyond their control, or those who are in very casual or closed relationships with each other.


Throughout the Planet Tal, they have a smaller population compared with Sergals and Agudners. At the time of the modern era, the major places where Nevreans live are mostly Gold Ring and Nevrea.

Before the world war, they were able to be found only within the Nevrea region, the birthplace of the species.

Prior to RC33, Nevrean folks who were living in Vetla were limited to only visiting Gold Ring once every two to three years, in order to provide a performance in the greatest festival in Gold Ring as members of Western Musical troupe. A part of this history is expressed in the Vilous Manga, Episode 3, "At the Festival". This means that they did not anything more than just visiting there during the festival as performers reserved for special events, there was nobody who decided to stay permanently there at that time.

Nevrean folks settled in Gold Ring are rooted in immigrants who took refuge from Vetla to Gold Ring during the events of the World War. From the end of the war up to the present day, these immigrant Nevreans have prospered there while weathering various difficulties, and nowadays, Gold Ring is the most major place where you can see various and diversified Nevrean folks.

Reono and other Eastern lands were not parts of their host array of habitats until reached the modern era. Because of the very large distance between the west and the east and the lack of any opportunity that Eastern folks and Nevreans could have contacts, there were none of the Nevrean folks in the Eastern regions at least up to the time of the end of the war.

In the modern era, there are smaller numbers than those of Gold Ring but still, an unignorable number of Nevreans exist in Shigu, mostly who are rooted in folks who were captured and brought there during the war. While General Rain was only having a small interest in races other than Sergals, still, some of Nevrean folks who were living in Vetla were captured by the Shigu army. Because Rain adopted only Sergals for combatants of her army, these Nevreans were not involved in combat in any form.

Gender Differences and Features

While there still more or less individual variation among Nevreans, there are steadfast gender basics between females and males. The gender differences work in completely opposite and contrasting functions in both aspects of physical features and behaviors, and two genders make a very much balanced social system and structure while complementing each other exactly like what the concept of Yin and Yang works.

An individual who has features comparable to both sexes in terms of both/either appearance and/or behavior would be treated as an "androgynous" person towards the general, gender basics of the Nevrean race.

As mentioned above, the sexual dimorphism appears after they have reached puberty, all Nevrean children do not have gender differences in both appearance and behavior throughout their infancy to childhood. (The details are explained in the below section.) Because Nevrean children have the same appearance and behaviors regardless of their biological sexes, this makes it difficult to determine their actual sex from outward appearance and behavior. As they become adults, they will finally experience a big-scaled change to separate into "female" or "male" clearly.

Irregular Individuals

Irregular individuals in terms of both and/or either appearance and his overall behavior towards the general, gender / sex basics of the Nevrean race, appear in rare cases. For example, females who have a fragile body or males who have muted-tone hues in their feathers fall under the "irregular" type of individual. When considering how Nevreans grow and obtain sexual dimorphism, the female's case can be considered having a weak constitution that is difficult to grow tougher anymore than a certain level, and the male's case can be considered that they did not get their "adult" feathers of colorful hues even after they reached puberty, unlike normal male Nevrean children do.

Depending on the social situation where they live, however, they generally pass through a heavily difficult life as these irregularities are comparable to those of physical disorders towards the general, gender / sex basics of the Nevrean race.

As long as they live in the Nevrea region, the birthplace of native Nevreans, they may experience no or little difficulties. Because regular people would kindly support them and give suitable roles and tasks for them unless they become contrary to their traditional lifestyle and social format.

For those who immigrated into regions where are outside of Nevrea, due to the deep differences in a social and cultural environment, they had to try much harder in order to get a good life, from the beginning of the immigration until the modern era. If they were not able to practice that manner, most of them would eventually fall into carrying out improper activities as what outlaws who belong to Out Ring perform.

In the case of a new generation of the urban Nevreans, as most of the irregular Nevreans had become able to belong to "Sabi no Wa" which is a progressive group for all urban Nevreans with a purpose that intends to develop a new culture beyond gender / sex differences. Due to this, these irregular individuals could get wider options in life to reach a peaceful and proper lifestyle.


They have a raptor-like tough body, a stern look, taciturn and serious nature. Their basic personality shows a strong "static" and "passive" nature as they don't say anything if they are not talked to by another person. They always keep realistic, careful thinking and behavior. They are rather nervous, and their personality is quite mature in nature They are very severe and true to their role, therefore they carry on with life without freedom of choice. Generally, they consider it is "taboo" that they depart from their basic role. Have instinctive secretiveness nature, they don't publish their information about from personal matter to business things Because they instinctively worry about any "information leakage", it has led to their taciturn, keeping a poker face, unamiable behavior. They don't share a lot about themselves, even things that they are passionate about such as hobbies. Due to those nature, they are easy to give a "weird, spooky, and doubtful" impression to other races. Moreover, their serious severe personality adds more bad vibes to this. Then finally, many other races have an antipathy to female Nevreans, and it has caused the big racial discrimination to Nevreans in Gold Ring after the world war. See Also: Gold Ring

They are symbolized as the "shadows", the "land", or the "Yin(陰)". It means they generally stick to the audience's side about any entertainment. They don't carry out initiatives in creative activities. (But urban females depart from such nature since "Sabi no Wa" has been founded.) Native females join the great chorus as they will set the rhythm with their lower-pitched voices and percussion performed with their beaks, but main melodies are entrusted to males. (Females are awkward at singing and fast-talking due to their structure of the throat.)

Relationship with males: They are protecting males while getting "spiritual healing" from males. They enjoy any entertainment like songs and operas that are given by males. Those function as a "simulation of enjoyment" for them. Because of this, they give up these joys for the males to have, and experience it vicariously instead of enjoying it first-hand. In a sense, they experience a type of psychological projection onto males who are treated as an "avatar" of them.

Build Saurian, especially similar to raptors. Despite their slender bodies, their bone density is higher than their male counterparts and their lower-body muscles are more developed, especially among those who run frequently.
Plumage Mainly dull colors and dusty tones.
Tail tip There is a small decorative feather, although it lacks an eye-catching pattern like the males’.
Height Slightly taller than the males, average height of around 150 centimeters. (4.9” feet.)
Horns Conspicuous, firm and stately looking.
Fangs Large, sharp and clearly visible. Their frontal fangs protrude from their beaks even when their mouths are closed.
Beak Stout, thick, and solid. Closer to a dinosaur's muzzle than the bill of a bird.
Legs dinosaur-like legs with thick talons. they have a sickle-shaped talon-like that of deinonychuses. And their toes show pamprodactyl.
Wings Lightly feathered compared to the males. They are essentially flightless.
Diet Foods are rich in calories, fats and vitamins like meat, nuts, insects and other exotic dishes from Tal.
Personality and behavior Serious, severe, hardy, careful, prudent, secretive, reticent, and realist. They usually keep a poker face, are taciturn due to their secretiveness nature, their remark generally starts as a response. Especially as for native females, they don't say anything as long as there is no serious topic which should be told.
Vocalization Deeper in tone than males, and prefer to talk in their natural voice. And they are awkward at singing and fast-talking due to their structure of the throat.
Role Diligent workers; combatants, guardians, hunters, secret agents, and backstage workers.
Impression They often are unfavorably impressed by other races, due to their taciturn and secretiveness nature, and unamiable behavior. Their basic behavior as female Nevrean looks weird, spooky, and doubtful from other races. Because of this, most of them are prejudiced and are discriminated as a villain, without reasons.

Notice for good perception: Females are not necessarily masculine like a human male would be, most can display a stronger nature of diligent worker.

Irregular Females

Their large talons may not develop in rare cases. Fragile females may be supported by other females in Natives. But in Out Ring case, it has led to getting bullied by other members.

Natives culture expects females to employ taciturn and reticent behavior. Due to this, a female that speaks to anyone without having something important to say is considered rude. In contrast, urban females may be talkative like males, because these traditional gender differences have been eroded in the city.

Females who are belonging to "Sabi no Wa" carry out and initiate creative activities, and dye their feathers in vivid colors.

Out Ring females are representative examples of "corrupted females". It is one of the worst situations to be associated with this group of females, with those in society do their best to avoid falling into their company.


They have a fragile body, bird-like adorable looks, and talkative and creative nature. Though they still have individual differences, their personalities generally are characterized by energetic, hilarious, optimistic, mischievous, light-hearted behaviors. However, these features often lead to having somewhat indiscreet, careless, frivolous aspects as well. Comprehensively, their behaviors can be expressed to have a "childish" nature.

One of the noteworthy points is their talkative and chatty nature. Not only that they do not hesitate to talk to someone when they want to do, but they also work as a natural glib talker due to their rich vocabulary, the quick-thinking ability for talking, and flexible, creative, imaginative ideas. They enjoy various topics without limitation or hesitation, also they prefer to express a story to sound more fun or interesting. Due to this, they often exaggerate or overstate a story to make it sounds more exciting more than how it is true. However, due to the aspect that they decide something with a point of "interesting or not" rather than it is fact or not, their story sometimes may lead to pointless gossip or even fake news. Also, their chatty nature is related to the above careless aspects as well, they sometimes may blurt out themselves or someone's secret or make slips of the tongue.

Due to their cultural system, they basically can carry on with life with wide freedom without social limitation. They are delighted to find things that they find interesting or amusing, and try to do or join those. However, due to their fragileness and the lack of physical strength, the range of things that they can potentially practice is eventually limited.

Eventually, their beautiful, adorable appearances generally give good vibes absolutely. Due to these points, the other races get a blindly good impression towards them, just as "pretty and fun people". When they came over to the Gold Ring nation, they got good treatment easily, unlike females.

They are symbolized as the "light", the "sky", or the "Yang(陽)". It means they are suitable for creators such as artists and musicians, and any entertainers. They positively carry out initiatives in creative activities. In their Native land, any entertainments such as songs, music, and operas depend on them. At Gold Ring also, they brought a big influence that led to a major shift in every entertainment of the whole of the city. See Also: Gold Ring

Relationship with females: They are protected by females who function as a "defensive wall" for them, due to their careless behavior and lacked physical strength. They just live their life the way they would like. But, that behavior naturally gives the "spiritual healing" to females. Hence, males always play the role of the "inhibitor" to female's brutality even if they do anything.

Build Avian, their body is slender and their bones narrow and hollow to enable glide. Individuals who glide frequently may have a puffy and well-rounded chest.
Plumage Their feathers are vivid and striking in color with bright and exotic tones.
Tail tip Every individual has a unique and beautiful decorative feather similar to a peacock's or confuciusornis plumage. Twins may show mirrored patterns.
Height Slightly smaller than females. Approximately 140 centimeters. (Around 4'6" feet.) on average.
Horns Small and discrete, and may be covered with long hair.
Fangs Similarly small and discrete. Cannot be seen when the mouth is closed.
Beak Very similar to the classic bill of a bird.
Legs Slender legs like a bird with thin talons. They have a "default" relaxed state as anisodactyl, but they can rotate the back toe to serve more like a thumb of a hand.
Wings Feathered enough for gliding.
Diet Softer foods like fruits and worms.
Personality and behavior Hedonism, facile, innocent, cherubic, chatty, amiable, glib talker, and idealism. Their mentality is some childish and youthful forever. They are easy to become emotional, talk to anyone positively due to their talkative nature.
Vocalization Individuals who have learned to sing have a high-pitched voice and can sing aloud in beautiful tones. Those who have not still possess a squawky and chirpy voice, and can communicate with simple cries when not speaking.
Role Entertainers; musicians, artists, singers, dancers, actors, and models.
Impression They often are favorably impressed by other races, due to their glib talker mouth, amiable behavior, and adorable appearances. Because of this, being opposite to females, most of them are treated well blindly.

Design Wise: The first Nevrean design displayed males with three fingers, meanwhile, they now have four fingers.

Notice for good perception: When it comes to males, in particular, it could be said that their personality is akin to young little children from Earth. The adjectives hedonism and idealist are here to define a specific trait reflecting their habit of being dreamy and living off in their own world. But we should keep in mind that it does not mean that they are a fool.

Irregular Males

Though males that show a muted or dull color scheme like that of females are regarded as inferior or ugly males, in Natives, they are evaluated if they are good at singing. And about their inferior appearance, it is evaluated as individuality.

But in a city, even if such males have a too beautiful singing voice, they are not evaluated because urban people evaluate the only appearance. Since founded "Sabi no Wa", such males match to them and work at some kind of progressive activities.

Their wings of ones who have not any abnormalities in their health, continue growing throughout their life. But some of the urban males may cut their wings for ones' jobs or personal reasons. Because their flying ability doesn't make sense so much in urban areas.

Genitalia and Reproduction System

They are oviparous, hence they don't have a navel or breasts. They have cloaca for a function of reproductive and excretory.

Females have an ovulation cycle that occurs every from a few months to half-year, and they will incubate it if there is a possibility of fertilized eggs. They lay one egg at a one time and eggs hatch in 7 to 8 months. Children are taken care of by the main females until hit the adult ceremony.

Females maybe don't have a clitoris. ::Note:: This has not been decided yet.

Males have a slit, and their penile structure is identical to reptiles. Their penis is not normally exposed, even during sexual intercourse. Copulation is possible even if the male does not use the penis as their mating is similar to the intercourse of modern birds from Earth. However, it is still possible for males to expose their penis via special training, but this is done in only urban males, mainly for satisfying the sexual demands and fetishes from other races. Hence urban male prostitutes have achieved allowing to expose their penis at all times or when circumstances require. Due to their cloaca structure along with oviparous nature, urine is not expelled from the penis which is used exclusively for semen.

As an aside, Native Nevreans consider sexual intercourse exclusively for reproductive purposes, and never pursue it for pleasure in any way. See also: Sexuality and reproduction rules in the native Nevrean culture

Unisex Features

They are known as there are big gender differences, but both genders also share some common features as the racial nature of Nevreans. Compared to other Eltus races, their bodies are shorter and thinner, and they lack physical strength. However, they possess remarkable intelligence and manual dexterity. They are skilled in precision engineering but lack the physical endurance needed for labor-intensive mass-production jobs.

  • Face

Their beaks take up the center of their faces; the ends of their mouth has the freedom to move, while the beak moves around their eyes. A front of their scalp is a set of smoothly contoured, small swept back "horns". Both genders own small horns above their eyes. Their eyes face forwards, and their eyes are comparatively big.

  • Breastbone

Nevreans feature a small breastbone (the keel) or keel similar to that of Sergals in the middle of their chest.

  • When got aged

Aged Nevreans show some white feathers sparsely, also some people maybe have chipped wounds in their beak or horns.

  • When grown fat

If they grow fat, their chest will have fat than an abdomen, it makes them like a pigeon breast.

Voice and Cries

Both genders have a voice that echoes a lot. Their natural tone oscillates between tenor and soprano.

Basically, though, male voices are high-pitched, and female voices are low-pitched. Both genders are excessively noisy when they quarrel. But females are generally quiet and taciturn due to their traditional culture, and females' throat structure makes them difficult for singing and a tongue twister.


They are generally carnivorous, but they will eat various seeds, fruits, nuts, and berries depending on what they are able to harvest. Beans are also a staple food.

Females, in particular, will seek out and consume small game animals such as mice, birds, and insects. On occasion, they may hunt and kill larger game up to the size of a deer. Males tend to prefer more tender fare like fruits and worms, but their diet is overall quite similar.

Ecology and Behavior

As same as they have stark sexual dimorphism in physical aspects, they also have clear differences in their behaviors and social roles and activities between males and females. Basically, males are artistically creative, they usually play the role of artists or entertainers, such as actors, musicians, singers, dancers, performers, and comedians. In contrast, females engage in pragmatic works, such as food procurement, housing maintenance, fight against enemies and protect people, and other various technical cooperations and general domestic chores to maintain life.

Traditionally, males are allowed to work for entertainment or artistic activity to break up the day. And they usually perform these activities with other males with each other, such as mixing and mashing each one's songs up while chatting about fun topics and jokes. Their activities do not exactly contribute much to anything, but it just helps to lighten people's hearts and provides a fun and comfortable environment throughout society.

Female Nevreans usually take on heavy work roles, however, they are in charge of almost all parts of domestic chores and child-rearing as well as taking all parts of the heavy lifting.

Females take all parts of the realistic and practical tasks while letting the males simply do other things that are not exactly utilitarian. Females just feel happy mildly and quietly while seeing that males are innocently enjoying their songs and talks and always feel free to focus on those, under all the daily efforts that are running by females to keep livelihood.

Both sexes lack physical strength compared to the other Eltus races, however, they possess remarkable intelligence and are quite skillful with their hands. They are very much skilled in precision engineering, however, the lack of physical endurance makes them difficult to continue labor-intensive mass-production jobs for a long time.

All Nevreans love music although there still is a gender divide in how they are involved in music. Male Nevreans generally play the role of a musician and singer while females listen to males music and stick to being an audience.


There are several highly notable differences in the cultures between Native Nevreans who live within the Nevrea region and Urban Nevreans who live in advanced regions represented by Gold Ring, due to many historical and cultural reasons. Briefly, native Nevreans do not perform anything more than tribal-style traditional lifestyle based on a fixed social format, while urban Nevreans have obtained a more developed and diversified lifestyle.

Except for those who had lived in Vetla, native Nevreans are very exclusive and conservative. They are very strict to keep their traditional culture and a form of society, and they have been maintained their original lifestyle from ancient times without any interference of other races. In their culture, all males are intended to be an actor of their traditional opera/dance-drama. Meanwhile, all females are reserved to work on every heavy lifting and domestic chore and they are not allowed to perform other things.

The Nevrea region where native Nevreans live is located in the far west of the Planet Tal, it has been a very isolated state which can be said to be national seclusion or closed country, they have not got any influence from other races and cultures into their own culture. While the very limited location of Nevrea region such as Vetla had been doing a cultural exchange with only Gold Ring from of old, almost all of overall Nevreans had not known foreign countries and other races at all.

Around RC33 during the World War, Nevreans who were living in Vetla took refuge to Gold Ring and they had fully settled down there when the war was over. These immigrants led to the prospective urban Nevreans, and they had experienced a rather difficult time due to different environments and society in the early stages of their new life.

They had experienced many difficulties including racial discrimination matters between them and the native races of Gold Ring, Sergals and Agudners. After RC70, they had finally obtained definite and legal 'human rights', and been admitted as "the third race in Gold Ring" side-by-side with the native races in Gold Ring, Sergals and Agudners.

In the middle of weathering a lot of difficulties and applying themselves to totally different social environments, urban Nevreans have passed through a large-scale change and advancement. While still carrying physical differences caused by sexual dimorphism, urban Nevreans have reached much wider options of a lifestyle than the natives.

Family and Childcare

While both genders have an equal role in child-rearing, females are the ones who usually take the most parts hard because they are physically tough, and have a serious, careful, decent, thoughtful mindset. Due to this, many males may choose their own time to play. Brooding of their eggs is also entrusted with females in most cases, however, males still may help it when there is short of hands of females.

Native Nevreans would feed their young regurgitated foodstuffs. Urban Nevreans make use of commercial food preparations, though they may still feed through regurgitation if they are unable to afford these.

Nevrean Music

All Nevreans love music, as racial sense, and they treat it as an important traditional culture that has been handed down from generation to generation in Nevrean race history. They never forget, abandon it from their culture. Even as for urban areas, musicians and composers include many Nevreans. But we should keep in mind that they show a clear difference according to gender role also in musicality, generally, females devote themselves wholly to audiences, and males become positively creators. And there is a big regional difference in musicality between Native Nevreans and Urban Nevreans;

Native music No lyrics, and no musical score because there is no text in Nevrea region. They use a traditional musical instrument, and males traditionally provide the melody with their high pitched instrumentation and voice, while females set the rhythm with their lower-pitched voices and percussion performed with their beaks.
Urban music There are lyrics and musical score, unlike Native music. They use an electronic musical instrument, hence electronic music is the main genre.

Natives songs and music include special spiritual metaphors hiding the "Secret of Vilous". But, those things can understand by only Nevreans. If other races listen to those things, they may get something like "insanity", due to feeling incomprehensible, enigmatic, and arcane against those. Therefore, to prevent the occurrence of such a case, the female Nevreans gene made themselves instinctive secretiveness nature. Then native females unconsciously try to hold their songs and music among only Nevreans.

Many urban male musicians prefer to create electronic music as a matter of course. It is caused by the genetic nature and role of male Nevreans in all probability.


Children and Adolescents

Although Nevreans are known for having stark gender differences, all Nevrean children do not have gender differences in both appearance and behavior throughout their infancy to childhood. Exactly the same as how chickens and peafowls in real life grow, Nevreans also begin with no or little gender difference at first, and when they have reached puberty and attain distinct sexual dimorphism, they will finally experience a big-scaled change to separate into "female" or "male" clearly.

Regardless of their biological sex, the entire feathers of children are in gray hues and they possess long wings that make them flyable.

No or little difference is also the same in their behaviors and mindset, all Nevrean children are very energetic, innocent, and playful regardless of their biological sex.

Before Puberty

Nevrean offspring are born with a gray and fluffy coat regardless of their gender, a common feature shared by all Eltus races.

Unlike other Eltus race children, they still keep gray plumage whole even passed 2 years of age. They will not begin to show their true colors until puberty.

A females' talons are of a slightly different shape, though this cannot be easily determined before their other gender characteristics begin to show during puberty. In rare cases, this change will not occur at all.

No difference between genders is apparent either physically or in personality prior to puberty. This is reached at around 11-12 years. Nevrean children of both genders may engage in a "play" flight.

::Note:: Whether these times are in Earth years or Tal years has not been decided yet; the difference between the time on Earth and time on Tal also has not been decided yet.

After Puberty

During puberty, their sexual dimorphism begins to become obvious.

Females will continue to gain bone, talons, beak and muscle mass, become increasingly heavy and their flight feathers will eventually fall off naturally, never to regrow new ones since they will no longer be usable for flight. Every Native female cut off their last flight feathers as a coming of age rite, the rite will have been finished by making an arrow with those flight feathers. Adult females vocal cord structure will change, then they become unable to make fine sounds. But due to their childhood experience, they can still identify various sounds and words and understand those deeply.

Males have few differences in physical structure, but they change and regrow their entire plumage to that of beautiful feathers, all at once.

Males will undergo a loss in bone density and their body will become relatively more lightweight and fragile as they approach adulthood. In contrast, females continue to gain bone and muscle mass, thus they require a diet higher in fats and protein while males will develop fine on their usual diet of fruit and tender animal food.

Learning for Adults

Native Nevreans will learn rules for each gender along with strict and formed gender roles of their traditional culture. Read more: Details of learning for adults in native Nevrean culture

Urban Nevreans such as those of Gold Ring will have a less traditional upbringing due to their cultural interaction with Sergals and Agudners.

Weapons and Combat

Main Weapons

Armed Urban Nevreans.

Nevreans specialize in ranged weapons such as bows, crossbows, blowguns, rifles, and slingshots. They can also use knives, stilettos, sabers, and bucklers in close quarters combat.

Their most favored weapon is the bow and arrow. Less skilled individuals may stick to lightweight ranged weapons and knives. They perform best at longer ranges, and while their weapons can be used in the middle range, they are less proficient in this area. Urban Nevreans use relatively light guns, but females can use heavier guns and bows if they are physically capable of handling them.

In Nevrean culture, weapons are considered for female use. But there is not antipathy to males handle bows because archery is a common culture for both genders, and their accuracy with them is on par with females.

In Unarmed Situations (Females)

Talon kicks, bites, scratches, pouncing attacks taking advantage of their sharp appendages and natural agility.

Their strategy is to inflict deep cuts resulting in major blood loss. They show lethal efficiency at close range due to their expertise with knives and melee combat.

Females body is naturally gifted with many natural weapons, far more so than the males. Possessing a rugged physique, large raptor-like talons and strong jaws filled with razor-sharp fangs. Females jaws are stronger than any Sergals' and inflict serious injury.

Talon kicks and knives are the favorite weapons of bandit females.

Combat Style and Ability

Female Nevrean police in Gold Ring, is armed with crossbow.

Nevreans are light and quick, and their jumping ability is excellent due to their lightweight. They can move and change direction in a flash, giving them excellent mobility. Due to their relatively small size, they can negotiate smaller areas than other Eltus races. The tradeoff is that their running speed is outmatched by Sergals, though it still exceeds the Agudners.

An additional weakness is their reduced leg strength and stamina compared to other Eltus races. Their overall physical durability is poor, and they are less likely to survive serious injuries.

Combat is generally the reserve of females, but in urban areas, males may also be employed as bodyguards by merchants. However, they will usually be relegated to rear guards and other areas less in need of protection.

Although physically superior to males, female Nevreans are nonetheless still not as robust as other Eltus races. Consequently, when they encounter primitive creatures, they will attack from the back ranks using ranged weapons. In combat with larger beasts, they will stop short at killing and merely attempt to drive them off. Close to mid-range combat with primitive creatures is beyond the capability of even females.

Due to the location of Nevrea region, combat with other races is a rare occurrence and they are not exposed to the ancient primitive creatures that the Sergals share their territory with. As such, they are not reliant on the resources these creatures provide. In cases where close combat with other races is unavoidable, they will attempt night ambushes, attacking their targets vital areas with their fangs, talons, and knives under the cover of darkness.

Female Nevreans, while lacking in brute strength, may compensate with lethally accurate bow strikes and lacerations with their blades that incur grievous blood loss.

The Case that Males Combat

Males, however, are nearly powerless in direct combat but can serve a support role in a battle. Since some can glide, they can use elevation to their advantage for reconnaissance. Their beak still has the strength that can sever fingers and appendages like cutting pliers, and their piercing and echoing cries can serve as rescue signals, so any friend, ally nearby, or even individual will most likely rush in to see what's going on after hearing it.


Their origin for the name is the anagram of "raven".

About the original base of Nevreans, while their appearances have been described as avians and feathered dinosaurs, but there's also "alien", "doll", and "fairies such as hobbits and dwarfs". Particularly their appearances without feathers are considerably similar to alien. The elements of "alien" and "fairies" show a whole of them, and "doll" mainly shows male Nevreans, which means the abstract concept of "a virtual body such as avatar". In contrast, there is the abstract concept "a physical body in the real world" for females.

At first, their gender differences and role were explained as opposed to humans, but this explanation is wrong as a rigorous concept. Exactly, they display symmetrical natures are similar to the element of Yin-Yang. Meanings of Yang(陽) that corresponds to male Nevreans includes "male principle", and Yin(陰) for females includes "female principle".




Females and Males

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