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Regular Western sergal.

Western sergals (西方サーガル) are a subspecies of the Northern Sergals, and an extinct race on canon story and history.

They had settled on Vetla region mainly, located on the Northwest areas on Planet Tal. They were living quietly and humbly in a small village along with the forests and wetlands which belong to Western Talyxian Biomes.

They were almost destroyed due to the genocide in western lands by Shigu, approx the year 33 in Rain-Calendar. Many historical details about them were lost.

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Their appearance very similar to their northern cousins, with a slightly slender build and cold colors fur such as blue-green or purple. And they were fulfilled with people who display beautiful appearance.

At first, there were no apparent height differences between Northern and Western Sergals, given that they were the closest set of subspecies living separate from each other (North - NorthWest). That means they only differed in fur coloration, location, and cultural traditions, sharing common traits in everything else.


As some Nevreans were living in Vetla region where is surrounding of Western Sergals habitation, there were cultural exchanges between Native Nevreans and Western Sergals. They were sharing the cultural appreciation which Native Nevreans have, for beautiful things and art ranging from poetry, song, music down to dance. Due to this, there were many poets among them. Because of this cultural appreciation, they were sharing a common sense that has to protect the "beautiful things" which up ranging from objects down to the person who has beautiful appearance, such as normal male Nevreans.

However, they were attacked and nearly wiped out by General Rain and her Shigu armies, under her invasion toward the West, during the world war. Due to her lust for beautiful things, especially beautiful, cute, young Sergal boys, it led her to wish to take them for her own. Western Sergals resisted her, but most were killed in the attempt. Few Western Sergals who fortunately survived took refuge toward the South, Gold Ring city with some Nevreans.

The Western sergals lucky enough to make their way to Gold Ring found themselves in awe at the welcoming mix of cultures and given their artistic disposition as well as lack of concern for their own pedigree, they integrated easily into Gold Ring's society. Thusly, there are no longer any Western Sergals, the subspecies is now considered extinct and absorbed into the other subspecies.

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