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This article describes confectionery in Planet Tal.


There is a great variety of confectionery, or candy, available in urban areas, especially Gold Ring. There is less variety available in rural areas.

Some examples:

  • Ice cream-like things that are not cold, and have mouthfeel similar to avocado or papaya
  • Fried beans
  • Fried bugs
  • Things like rock candy
  • Things like rice crackers with various sauces for dipping

Candies and juices are vividly and multifariously colored by food coloring agents.


Mochicandy (餅飴, Mochi-ame) is one of the common sweets in regions of civilized Sergals and Agudners, such as Gold Ring and Reono. It's a form of baked and skewered mochi (Japanese rice cake made of glutinous rice) that is coated with colored sugar candy glaze, a syrup of sorts, much like candy apple coating.

People can enjoy its chewy and bouncy mouthfeel of mochi with crunchy candy coating.


Goldringer (ゴールドリング焼き, GR焼き, Lit - "Baked-Gold Ring") is a specialty dessert in Gold Ring. It is a baked confectionery similar to Baumkuchen. It is frequently used in celebrations and as souvenirs, with its purpose spanning from something treated like a party favor to something like street food. In appearance, the buns usually have a hole in the center, but there is also a variety without one. Instead, it imitates Salt Lake ColVilous by having a crater in the center and is filled with blue jam.

It is broadly classified as one of the common foods made from flour in Gold Ring, and has been a popular confectionery for many years. There are many types, but in the pre-war period, because the folks were not interested in strict classifying, every type was treated as the same things regardless of minor differences in manufacturing methods or shapes. Rice flour is the main ingredient used for it, but various other ingredients may be added in order to increase volume. Those provided in food stall may contain some sand due to its rough environment of manufacturing.

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