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Sessile Organism (着生生物, also referred to "Settled" or "Stationary" type creatures) is a major classification of biology on the Planet Tal, which includes both Eltus and Talyxian organisms.

They feature an ecology that is stationary and remains in a fixed location for the duration of their life. This definition allows folks to distinguish them from every kind of creature which is mobile and free to roam around.

In Tal's biology, all of these creatures are considered to be 'plants'. Due to this, common sense for 'plants' on Planet Tal allows the inclusion of Talyxian sessile organisms that do not have chlorophyll and are technically animals, very different and far from the definition which plants and animals on the Earth and Eltus organism group have.

This definition includes remains of massive corpses or fossils that form a shape that looks like a plant. As such, Tal's biology defines the difference of animal or plant, based on their superficial behavior and situation rather than actual biological and inner difference; dynamic or static. Due to this, Eltus plants which have a similar biology to common plants on Earth, they as well fall under this umbrella term, "sessile organisms".

Areas within Talyxian biome, common floras in Tal, are technically a place where it is occupied with a colony or flock composed of them. Eltus folks call these areas while referring to how it looks like, such as "forest" or "plain".

Examples of Talyxian Sessile Organisms

Examples of Eltus Sessile Organisms

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