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Sergal Head With Armor.
Sergal anatomy sheet. The full size, it can be found and free download on Vilous Official Store.

Sergals (Japanese: サーガル, Sāgaru) are the most well known fictional species of the Vilous universe. They have many features reminiscent of sharks, rabbits, kangaroos, canines, reptiles, avian, dinosaurs (and raptors), and are covered in mammal-like fur. Among the races of the planet Tal, they belong to the Eltus race group. They have a population similar to or larger than the Agudners. In Tal, they live in the whole areas of almost continent except the part of far west area where only Nevreans are.

They are ovoviviparous and do not possess mammalian breasts. They are biologically similar to mammals, but they are hard to be strictly classified the same as class of Earth's creatures entirely.

While possessing individual personalities, their general character is simplistic, optimistic and naive. They are very cowardly as individuals but can behave with a mob mentality when influenced by a strong willed or charismatic individual due to their deeply religious nature. A whole of them have most "animalish" nature in comparison with other Eltus races. Hence they are close to supernatural culture, have superior sixth sense and intuition. Especially Northerners show strongest those.

Sergals tend to be simple minded and have weak critical thinking abilities, as such they are easily influenced by their environment or by charismatic or strong-willed individuals. This is especially apparent in Northern sergals who live in fear of their natural environment, and their submission to the leadership of General Rain Silves.

General Rain Silves is the most widely known sergal. While sergals have become known on the internet for having a monstrously violent and sexually deviant nature, this behavior is generally confined to Rain Silves and those under her influence.

This article describe about common features of all sergals, but there are regional racial variations in appearance and behavior. (See below for further details and each articles.)

Important note: Important note: Most of this article is completed but is still in need of revisions, mainly proof-reading. Also more information may be added in future.
Important note 2: This article only has modern information. Old history and canon went to the "History of Vilous Development" article.

Vocal pronunciation of Sergal in English, Spanish,

and Japanese dialects.

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Newcanon.png This article contains information classified under the New Age canon.

Regional differences

Regional racial variations in appearance. The full size, it can be found and free download on Vilous Official Store.

Sergals generally fall into two broad classifications: Northern and Southern. While the difference in temperature between the north and south of Planet Tal is not too great, the differences in appearance between the two subspecies are slightly based on Bergmann's rule. Southern sergals are slender, shorter and have thinner fur and somewhat longer ears than Northern sergals. Due to principle of hybrid vigor (heterosis), Eastern sergals are larger and more muscular than their Northern and Southern cousins being a hybrid of both species.

Brief summary:

Northern With the longest history and most primitive culture, Northern sergals lead a tribal lifestyle among the Talyxian-Plants' forested areas of the North. Cowardly and easily led, due to their strong awe for natural surroundings. Have cold colors fur, facing eyes, and larger than their Southern cousins although are not as muscular. No outward differences between sexes are apparent.
Southern Living a more cultured and civilized lifestyle with a strong connection to the agudners, mainly in Gold Ring. Have warm colors fur, and smaller and more slender in stature. They show more "human-like" proportion, not only clothes. Sex differences don't differ on biological feature, but culture are more apparent with females often having a more "feminine" fashion and behavior.
Eastern A genetic mix of their Northern and Southern relatives. Have deep colors fur, and the largest and most heavily muscled of sergals. They live in Eastern Reono lands and Southern Gold Ring also. Culturally similar to the Southerners, they do not share the Northerners fear of their natural environment due to their superior hunting techniques. They also share their Southern neighbors' connection to the agudners.
Western A subspecies of the Northern sergals, and a de facto extinct race on canon story and history. Have intermediate colors fur based on Northerners color pallet, and slender body. Few in number, they lived in Northwest areas near the Nevrea lands and shared culture with the native nevreans. They were almost destroyed due to the genocide in western lands by Shigu, approx the year 28 in Rain-Calendar. A very few survivors are living in Gold Ring with Southern people.


Physical description

Sergal anatomy from The Official Reference Sheet of Sergals. The full size, it can be found and free download on Vilous Official Store.

While originally lacking noticeable outward physical difference between sexes, female Southern sergals have recently developed more "human" feminine traits.

An adult sergal's average height is around 183 ~ 196cm (6'0" ~ 6'5"). In General Rain Silves' case, she is 214 cm (7'0").

Their fur is particularly long around the base of their ears, base of their tail, their breast, wrists and heels.

There is a conspicuous ">" shaped breastbone (the keel) in the center of their chest. However, this point is commonly overlooked in fan art.

Head and face

Sergal head 3 angles diagram.
Examples of hair styles and fashions. The full size, it can be found and free download on Vilous Official Store.

The shape of the head and snout is inspired by sharks, with swept-back and pointed ears. The top of their heads are completely flat and smooth. They do not have browlines or curved foreheads.
Ear holes cannot normally be seen from the side, because their ear holes always turn to rear and are completely covered by rear pointing fur. In other words, their ears are NOT like the ears of Earth's creatures such as cats or foxes at all.
A thick mane covers the back of their long neck from around the midsection of the head down to the area around the shoulder blades.

Eye colors are generally grey or blue. Golden eyes are a result of a mutation unique to Rain Silves.

An adult sergal's eyes face outwards similar to lizards and rabbits, with vertically slitted pupils similar to cats. This gives them good peripheral vision and situational awareness. However, they have a relatively difficult time focusing on a single point, making the use of projectile weapons such as bows and guns difficult. All sergals are born with forward-facing eyes, which in most sergals gradually turn to the side as they age. However, the eyes of Northern sergals remain forward-facing throughout their life.

Fur and hues

Emotions, examples of natural fur hues and patterns. The full size, it can be found and free download on Vilous Official Store.

Sergal fur has a straightforward two-tone color pattern like that of a shark or many earthly mammals. Spots and Stripes are not common. Completely black or white Sergals are rarely seen and those with dark/light color inversion basically don't exist. However, these things are done by means of fur dyeing, which is a common behavior in urban areas(Southern Gold Ring and Eastern Reono lands). Tal has a variety of dyes derived from organisms. There are those who dye their bodies in vivid colors and even those who get tattoos.

Voice and cries

Crying sergal soldiers with their high pitched shriek. - From Vilous Comic Episode 2.

Sergals have an avian style throat structure that gives them high pitched vocalizations. They are able to speak a general language and can also communicate using various animalistic "cries". These include sounds like:
"The yapping of a fox"
"The cry of a deer"
"The whine of a dog"
"The shriek of a parrot"
"The neigh of a horse"

For example, a sergal may give a high pitched shriek when charging into combat, or make a whimpering or yapping sound when frightened.

Crying as communication is generally confined to Northern and Western sergals due to their more primitive culture. Eastern sergals may also sometimes use cries but their vocalizations are generally deeper and have rustic dialect like animal. Southern sergals almost only use verbal language due to their cultural interaction with other races such as the agudners, therefore using cries to communicate is lost to the South.

Mouth and tongue

A sergal's normal tongue.
File:Sergal vore anthropomorphism furry 1366x768 43811.jpg
Rain's tongue in the New Age. The fork is thing that was cut surgically.

The edge of a Sergal's mouth is roughly in vertical alignment with the eyes. The mouth can open very wide like a reptile's. They have a thick black lower lip extending from the front of the lower jaw to the middle of the sides resembling that found in canines.

Due to their mouth and throat structure, prey such as small animals are able to be swallowed whole. When eating the meat of large animals they will cut them into chunks since their jaw structure and lack of molars makes their chewing ineffective. They can swallow piglets size things as largest things that are able to be swallowed by them without cutting. Damage from bite wounds is not so strong, because they don't have as many teeth and their jaws are not as strong. They have 12 fangs like canine teeth, those are replaced for the life several times. Their taste is some rough in comparison with Agudners'.

Some sergals may have forked tongues like that of a snake, however, this is not a natural feature, but a surgical cut made for fashion or ritual. Rain Silves was the first sergal to be seen with a forked tongue, having had it was cut by her abusive mother or cut by herself as ritual that are believed to bring power. All other sergals with forked tongues are mimics of Rain. Hence, the tongue forking did not exist as common culture until Rain appeared.

There are naturally occurring folds on both sides of the tongue near the back of the throat.

Chest and breastbone

Notice the protrusion on the sternum.

A sergal's arms, shoulders, chest, abdomen and waist approximately resemble that of a human. One important distinction is the prominent ">" shaped breastbone, sternum or the keel. Due to the dense mass of chest fur, this bone protrusion is sometimes mistaken as merely a lump of fur. Due to the varying height of this protrusion between individuals, sergal clothing and armor is constructed with a wide raised portion around the breast to accommodate this.

Latest New Age canon art of General Rain. Notice her flat chest.

Soon after the introduction of the New Age canon, female sergals had breasts, but they were eventually removed. Both genders have pectoral muscles like a human male.

Hands and feet and tail

Torso, chest, arms, hands, legs, feet, paws, and tail. The full size, it can be found and free download on Vilous Official Store.
Current sergal feet at 2016.

Sergals possess three fingers and an opposable thumb on each hand, and four toes on each foot. Their fingers are similar to the fingers of rodents. While their feet have been described as being similar to avians,their original design was based on rabbits and kangaroos. The upper palms and soles of the feet that make contact with the ground are padded and have no fur.

2016/06/22 The official design was changed: their feet became more like kangaroos and rabbits, and a part of their pawpads develop like protuberances. These changes improve their jumping and running abilities. They are still able to catch things with their feet. However, it don't reach to the level the same as birds.

Their tail is thick, muscular and elongated, with a tuft of fur at the tip.

In New Age's obsolete version, sergals had a thick tuft of feathers at the base of their tail, but it was eventually removed.


Example of action. The full size, it can be found and free download on Vilous Official Store.

Walking: Just like humans, swinging arms, digits curled.
Running: When running, the middle toe bears most of the weight and the toes are held out. The steps are very large, running as to bound like a kangaroo or rabbit.
Generally they swing their arms when walking or running, but when holding something like a tool, the tail is used as a counterbalance instead of the arms.
Jumping: Their jump is like a spring and can cover a large distance as well as create a powerful lunging kick. Sergals have the highest endurance of the 3 Eltus races.


BMI and age comparison of sergal age and Earthian age.

They grow and mature quickly than Earthian, are considered young adults by the age of 10 years in Earth's time. They correspond to Earthian 14-16 years old before reaching 10 years old. But this rapid growth bring short life span to them. Their average life span is around 60 years old in Earth's time.

The corresponding appearance change will appear due to aging; the fur of the chin and ear be longer, the cheeks are sunken, the hollows around the eyes be deeper, the wrinkles are made, the skin is sagging, the white fur comes from the face like a dog. Some will have weak legs, and will be stooped due to the atrophy of the joints cartilage. There is no gender difference in appearance change for aging.

As for age of majority, pure Northerners are treated as adult when they reach to Earthian's 14-16 years old. It means they mature before reach 10 years old in their age.

:Provisional canon: - Southerners didn't have general idea for age of majority in ancient time, but they had begun deciding clear age following spread of the calendar in Gold Ring. In more civilized area, they may take more time for being accepted as an adult.


Female genitalia

The female Sergal possesses a unique prehensile tentacle structure that is normally stowed inside the vagina. This "clitoral hood" is extended during mating to grasp the male's penis and maintain erection until ejeculation. This is an adaptation to ensure successful breeding during difficult survival conditions where males become timid and avoid mating.

The clitoral hood also serves as a cover to protect the vagina, allowing the female control over mating and potentially preventing rape.

  • Regarding the New Age Canon female sergal's genitals

Reference Image (NSFW)
The "tentacle-shaped" part exists on female sergals in the New Age canon.

It is usually stowed inside the vagina, and acts as a "cover".
It can move freely and is able to grab things.
There are some people who misunderstand the tentacle-shaped part to be a giant clitoris, this, in itself, is not the clitoris.
The clitoris exists in the area at the base of the underside of the tentacle-like part, The shape is not very much different from the clitoris of a female human.


Male genitalia

Their penis' head is similar to a humans but tapered at the tip. The shaft can be an uneven combination of slight bends, dents, and extrusions, each of these are different and unique for every sergal. The structure of the penis is similar to canines where the penis is settled within a sheath while flaccid. When erect, the entire penis becomes exposed from the base to the tip. The testicles reside outside the body and are contained in a scrotum. Sergal penises are not prehensile.

Sergals are often drawn with a knot on their penis (a bulge near the base that is found on canines) but they do not have them in the official canon.
Reference Image (NSFW)

The full, detailed and colored reference can be found in the mature version of the Official Sergal Reference.


A rich Southern sergal living in Gold Ring enjoying dinner.(Displayed from the Vilous Worldview #1)

While originally being carnivorous, sergals living in the more cultured and civilized regions have developed omnivorous tendencies. If they are given a choice between the meat of land animals or fish, they will prefer fish.

Northern sergals are carnivorous and eat the meat of wild game animals. They also favor the meat of large animals, cutting them into chunks so that they can swallow without chewing. They will also kill small animals and swallow them whole. They may also supplement with grasses depending on the season.

Southern sergals are omnivorous and mainly eat fish, plants and insects. There is not much difference in the availability of animals and plants throughout planet Tal, so differences in eating habits are easily accommodated. Southerners have also incorporated cooking into their culture and eat a variety of invertebrates. Insects are also a popular meal among them, although their variety is not as large as nevreans.

Ecology and behavior

Agudner and Eastern or Southern sergal soldiers, are having makeup warpaint.

There is a major cultural divide between the Northern and Southern sergals. Having been an isolated culture since ancient times, Northerners live a more primitive and somewhat barbaric lifestyle. By contrast, Southern sergals have integrated with other races such as the agudners and have advanced further in terms of civilization and culture.

Northerns: Their original birthplace is unknown, but they are the oldest lineage of sergals. Northern sergals have lived among a primordial and hostile environment surrounded by dangerous primitive creatures for most of their history, and this has impeded their development as a civilization.

Southerns: Southern and Eastern sergals have developed a strong and longstanding relationship with the agudners. This has fostered mutually beneficial development in culture and technology.


Various sergals in urban areas.

A sergal's personality is strongly influenced by its surrounding culture, so there are noticeable differences in the character of sergals from different areas. In general, they are simple-minded and optimistic, and are often cowardly and easily led. Their simple-mindedness makes them focus on basic concerns, which leads to having poor awareness of the smaller details or the bigger picture. One potential benefit of this is that they don't remember quarrels and don't hold grudges.

Their critical and logical thinking skills are somewhat poor. The average intelligence of an adult Sergal is comparable to that of a 14 year old human male. However, their keen intuition remains with them even into old age. Most sergals are good and decent individuals, but their naivety and simplistic nature can lead to quarreling, petty violence and sexual misbehavior. They can be easy to fool and are often swindled.


In Gold Ring the Southern city, sergal soldiers are fighting tentacle creatures that are attacking the city. :Note: The nevrean couple is male (left) and female (right).

While sergals view strength as a virtue, they do not require it in leadership. Sergals prefer to cooperate in groups without hierarchy, unlike wolves who will fight for dominance in their pack.

This is especially apparent with Northern sergals. Having shared their environment with dangerous primitive creatures, they formed their society around fear and respect for their natural surroundings and its inhabitants. To them nature plays both a maternal and adversarial role, and they lack a strong leader among themselves. They sometimes assign roles modeled after the talyxian-associater social structure.

Having lost much of their dependence on and reverence for nature, Southern and Eastern sergals are more likely to want to test their strength amongst themselves. However, this is usually done in the form of sports or hunting contests, preferring not to dominate one another through strength.


In the Northern lands, the role of leader and high ranking individuals like General Rain is usually handed over by elders or trusted people within their respective groups. Northern sergals can naturally understand what job another should have. Like wolves, their system has no concept of "moving up in the world" and roles are determined naturally. They do not have written words and while very few actually speak , their communication is mostly accomplished with cries.

In the Eastern lands, they hold martial arts matches and various games to determine a potential leader's strength. Due to their more developed culture and language there are some other, less physical decisions and recommendations made for positions.

In the Southern lands, physically fighting for things rarely happened, instead having people who had more experience get into favorable positions. It's similar to a cooperate boss rather than a combatant leader.


While the using spoken language, two soldiers replied with cries. - From Vilous Comic Episode 2.

There are not many civilized languages in the Northern lands. They mainly communicate with cries and body language and sometimes use very simple and primitive words but there are not many of these words. There are Agudners in Northern lands but they are very few in number so their civilized exchanges for things like bartering are very unsophisticated. People who have relations or come from civilized areas can speak languages ​​fluently but even they usually do not know how to write. General Rain and Leeric also didn't know the language at all early on and they didn't learn to write throughout their entire lifes. In modern times, the Northern people are able to use and speak the common language.

In Eastern lands, most people can use spoken language, having strong, animal-like accents. This is due to their close relationship with Gold Ring though there aren't many that can read and write, usually being traders who come from Gold Ring.

In Southern lands, most people can use spoken language fluently without an animal-like accent like Easterners. They can't read and write without learning, but thanks to their society their literacy rate around 40%. In modern times, it is embedded in education, so many people are be able to read and write.

Sex differences

Sergal lady.

Older sergal concepts and more recent Northern sergal designs have made it difficult to determine differences between sexes from outward appearance and behavior. However, Southern and Eastern sergals have begun to show noticeable differences due to the influence of their interaction with the female agudners. For example, most Southern and Eastern females wear feminine clothing.

Southern sergal females in particular have fostered their own feminine identity; "They look graceful and pretty, but they have a strong sense of justice and a stubborn, single minded side."

Female sergals generally take initiative for sexuality and breeding.

In domestic terms, the female is generally dominant, while in the workplace both genders play an equal role.


For comparatively common feature of Eltus race, they generally don't have antipathy or aversion to homosexuals. Also peculiarly as for them, they don't stick to one partner unlike human of Earth. Their basic sexuality may correspond to polyamory and pansexuality in the case of Earth.

When they pick on or flirt to someone, they value appearance most, don't mind about race differences and sex differences. But talyxians are exception and inapplicable to this, because most of talyxian species like t-stalkers don't have complete 'human rights', therefore a having sexual relationship with them are generally treated as beastiality. (T-rooters are still more exception, because they are in the extraordinary special position. Rooters are inapplicable to any case.)

Family and childcare

In general, sergals consider their community to be one large "family". They will raise their children communally regardless of blood relationship if they are part of the same social group. It is common for females to bear the young of males other than their partner, who never mind the mating with others in the group. It is not unusual for there to be a few homosexuals among the group as well.

As it is common for both partners to work, couples will usually entrust their offspring to communal child care facilities for their safety. Educational facilities like schools also exist.

Southern sergals and Eastern sergals living among agudners will almost never raise their children alone. For south and east, cohabitation with agudners is extremely ordinary.

Northern sergal children are fed the blood of animals and liquified plant matter until they are able to swallow solid food. Industrial food production in the South has allowed for a range of commercial liquid food for infants that are especially popular in the South.

Children and growth

Sergal child.

Sergals are born with grayish fur regardless of their ethnicity, a feature common to all Eltus races. Their fur will begin to take on its natural regional color upon reaching the equivalent of two earth years in age.

All children have facing eyes, common sergal eyes gradually turn to the side according to growth. However, only Northern sergals keep their eyes on front.

Children grow and mature relatively quickly and are considered young adults by the age of ten years in Earth's time.

Northern sergal children often play with primitive creatures found near their homes. However, this rash decision often results in mutilation or death. Southern and Eastern sergal children are more sociable and often play well with other races such as agudners and nevreans.


A shaman sergal is going to the last small shrine for pilgrimage. (He/she is maybe mixed-breed person who come from Northeast.)

Their movements and actions tend to be rough and bold, and as such, they are not well suited for jobs that require fine motor skills or concentration. However, they possess strong intuition and a good sense of their natural environment which makes them excellent at hunting. Sergals usually end up as either combatants or manual laborers. A typical sergal occupation would be a soldier, guard, hunter, fisher, farmer, construction worker or industrial laborer. But their good intuition and sense for any natural environment gave them the ability of biology student. Such biology student sergals were used as employee scholar with agudner technology slaves in Shigu Kingdom.

There are also many shamans in them due to their deeply religious nature. Generally, a whole of sergals have strong ability for shamanism. Especially all of Northern sergals have higher thing of those. Shaman sergals do a shrine rituals such as a ceremonies, a praying for rain, a praying for sunny, and an exorcising. Also some of them perform a magic rituals such as an incantation, a curse, a fortunetelling, and other miscellaneous praying. They do pilgrimage to dozens of small shrines in each places of planet Tal, to get the super spiritual powers that they believe that it can make them be able to do both of shrine rituals and magic rituals. But there are some small shrines on dangerous Talyxian-Plants areas also. Especially, pilgrimage to small shrine of Magoe-th-eta have high risk due to many dangerous wildlives and so on.

In prehistoric times

Sergals are generally weak in combat without their weapons (details are written at next section). Before developing these weapons even the northerners were unable to hunt large prey, so in prehistoric times they had to simply run from larger creatures, catch smaller animals with their own feet, and subsist on protein rich plants for sustenance. This history of being at the mercy of their natural surroundings has led to the fear and respect towards nature that defined Northern sergal culture in their earlier years. However, once they possessed these weapons, they were able to hunt larger creatures for their meat and consumption of plants became obsolete. Some Northern sergals were able to escape their primordial surroundings, expanding to the east and interbreeding with Southern Sergals giving rise to their eastern cousins. As these Eastern sergals mingled with Southern sergals and the agudners, their technique and technology were further improved. Their hunting abilities continued to be refined, and their fear and religious faith in their surroundings weakened in response. Still, to this day many Northern sergals still consider the primitive beasts of the north to be of special significance as a source of both fear and food.

Weapons and combat

Sergal armor with the leg blade.

Sergals are most adept at close to middle range combat. Their bones are strong but due to their slender posture they do not use very heavy armor.

Main weapons

The edged tool that attaches metal to their claws.

Sergals prefer to use a lance, spear, javelin, long-sword, two-handed sword, sabre, slingshot, or occasionally a mace when fighting in combat. They sometimes also put metal blades on their legs and claws to enhance their close range killing ability. These were developed mainly by the Shigu Clan but their use is disliked as they are considered excessively cruel.

Sergals tend not to use larger shields, but a small type of shield attached to their forearm is commonly employed.

Sergals have wide peripheral vision and excellent situational awareness, but their overall quality of vision is poor. Due to the orientation of their eyes, they are unable to focus on single target well, and they cannot successfully use projectile weapons without assistance. However, they are able to use guns at close range quite well.

In unarmed situations

In close range unarmed combat, tackles, jumping kicks, and biting are common methods of defense. Their reliance on running attacks puts them at a disadvantage in enclosed spaces. Damage from bite wounds is not as severe as that of a female nevrean, as sergals do not have as many teeth and their jaws are not as strong.

Combat style and ability

Sergal soldiers.

Sergals specialize in teamwork during hunting and combat in a manner similar to a canine pack. Their main proficiency is in evasion and strong offensive abilities, featuring quick, dynamic movements and leveraging their strong jumping ability. Their strength is in close range combat, and they can quickly close the distance from mid range engagements. They will take advantage of their high stamina to run long distances, chasing down their enemy or prey until they do not have the strength to escape.

Due to their size, their agility is inferior to Nevreans, but once they are up to speed, they can move the fastest and furthest of any Eltus race.

Sergal soldiers.

Sergal soldiers wear relatively light combat armour made of ceramic and can disregard their own defense to a degree when facing off against an opponent. Sergals secrete a large amount of adrenaline during combat, and can ignore minor injuries and distractions. Their sensitivity to pain is dulled and their focus is sharpened significantly. However their critical thinking also deteriorates and they will behave like a pack of lemmings without sufficiently skilled leadership.

Sergal armor

4 type of typical sergal armor. Recent Northern, early Northern, Eastern, and Southern. (This is WIP, the details have the possibility of changing.)

There are regional variations in sergal armor.
Especially, the armor used by the North and the South both come from very different backgrounds.

Northern and Southern

Northern armor was originally crafted from bone and served the purpose of protecting the wearer when in combat with the dangerous primitive creatures of the North. Since then, and until the Shigu Kingdom founded, they made simple armor using this method: they dug up clay from boggy places that had raw ceramic materials, dried it out and ground it into a powder, mixed it with the fiber from some plants, then finally cast it into a mold and fired it at high temperature. This armor covered only the most important parts of the body such as the head and chest, and was bound together with strings. Some of this armor was also made to resemble the creatures they fought.

After Rain Silves established the Shigu clan and claimed dominance over the Northern sergals, agudner "technology slaves" were brought in from the East and the Eastern armor was revised for pure combat use. The resulting armor design is now regarded as typical sergal armor. Northerners originally could not make such armor because of their lack of technology. 2016/06/01 False information was corrected: Shigu revised Eastern armor, not Southern armor.

This Southern sergal is one of the Garden Knights under direct command of the nobles that rule Gold Ring. They wear metallic armor and mainly guard fashionable neighborhoods, shrines, and Eltus-plant gardens. They have a long history and haven't changed much since the beginning of Gold Ring.

The Southern sergals did not have to fight such dangerous beasts and originally developed metal armor for ceremonial use and fighting off bandits. Once trade between the South and East was established, typical Southern ceremonial armor was completed by agudner craftsmen who came over from East. 2016/05/31 The canon was changed: the material of Southern armor became metal instead of ceramic.

Eastern and Western

Eastern armor is made from ceramic and was developed separately from the Southern armor because metal is not excavated in East. Over time, the ceramic armor became higher quality through a technique from the agudners. There are also many kinds of armor made out of materials from creatures just like the old Northern armor. However, all the designs of their armor changed suddenly before and after the World War.

Western armor is made from materials from creatures just like the old Northern style, and is light and decorative. Because Western sergals were almost destroyed by General Rain, many historical details about them including their armor is lost.

Northern sergals

Moved to Northern Sergals

Southern sergals

Moved to Southern Sergals

Eastern sergals

Moved to Eastern Sergals

Western sergals

Moved to Western Sergals



Very early sergal.

There isn't any particular origin for the name; Mick39 merely named them with her sense of euphony. The fact that "Saagar"(सागर) in Hindi signifies the waterside (sea, lake, etc.) is really just by coincidence and there's no connection.

They are widely known from image boards, and furry fandom sites in particular and are more well-known than the rest of the setting from which they come.
Most only know of the existence of Sergals without knowing the whole creative world of Vilous.

About the originally base of sergals, it is often contained in discussion by fandoms. Actually origin of sergal is Rabbit and Fighter Aircraft, as Mick39 is fan of Watership Down and Ace Combat. Especially their feet were based on rabbits or kangaroos at first, so their feet are totally different from birds or raptors.

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