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4 type of typical Sergal armor. Recent Northern, early Northern, Eastern, and Southern. (This is WIP, the details have the possibility of changing.)

There are regional variations in Sergal armor.

Especially, the armor used by the North and the South both come from very different backgrounds.


Northern armor was originally crafted from bone and served the purpose of protecting the wearer when in combat with the dangerous wildlife of the North. Since then, and until the Shigu Kingdom founded, they made simple armor using this method: they dug up clay from boggy places that had raw ceramic materials, dried it out and ground it into a powder, mixed it with the fiber from some plants, then finally cast it into a mold and fired it at high temperature. This armor covered only the most important parts of the body such as the head and chest, and was bound together with strings. Some of this armor was also made to resemble the creatures they fought.

After Rain Silves established the Shigu Kingdom and claimed dominance over the Northern Sergals, Agudner "technology slaves" were brought in from the East and the Eastern armor was revised for pure combat use. The resulting armor design is now regarded as typical Sergal armor. Northerners originally could not make such armor because of their lack of technology. 2016/06/01 False information was corrected: Shigu revised Eastern armor, not Southern armor.


The Southern Sergals did not have to fight such dangerous beasts and originally developed metal armor for ceremonial use as the main purpose while still developing practical armor also that is intended to fight off bandits. Once trade between the South and East was established, typical Southern ceremonial armor was completed by Agudner craftsmen who came over from the East.

All armors which are employed by The Knights of Golden Ring, an organization stemming from the vein of Gold Ring's law, are made of metal and generally characterized by yellowish tones, and all the designs are derived from the same origin.

Road Guards' armors share a lightweight and agile half-plate design, with a practical weight. This contrasts and opposes the Garden Knights' armor which has a totally unified and aesthetically beautiful design for ceremonial purposes.


Eastern armor is made from ceramic and was developed separately from the Southern armor because metal is not excavated in the East. Over time, the ceramic armor became higher quality through a technique from the agudners. There are also many kinds of armor made out of materials from creatures just like the old Northern armor. However, all the designs of their armor changed suddenly before and after the World War.


Western armor is made from materials from creatures just like the old Northern style, and is light and decorative. Because Western Sergals were almost destroyed by General Rain Silves, many historical details about them including their armor have been lost.

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