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Ekay's father holds a stamp seal, handing it to Ekay. This is a relic (heirloom, artifact, masterpiece) of his mother's handiwork. - From Vilous Manga EP4 The Twelve Plainswalkers.

Wolf Stamp Seal (狼の印鑑) is an object which is crafted and carved from a body part of Talyxian-Wolves, making it a very rare and treasured item. The mentioned "horn" of the wolf refers to their mouth fangs. While "fang" is the name Sergals give this body part, Agudners refer to it as a "horn".

Talyxian-Wolves, also known as Tal's "wolves", is a sacred, holy animal, and is an object of faith and worship for traditional Northern people. Every object crafted from wolf parts holds a special spiritual significance. This seal made from wolf horn carries a particular importance. Especially, for Shaman Sergals, it's used as the proof of spiritual practice. They can be recognized to be mature and refined shamans by ownership of it.

To create this, it's technically entrusted to Agudners. Because carving and rasping wolf's horn to craft a stamp seal is quite complex work, it is definitely a more Agudner oriented line of work, where Agudners can exhibit the patience, dexterous hands, and steady stereopsis ability required to deal with the intricate nature of it all.

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