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Category page for creatures who are classified under the Talyxian organism group and places where are composed of Talyxian Biomes.

Talyxians : The organism group which covers both mobile creatures (animals) and sessile creatures (plants), consisting of very wide, various, plural kinds; "Talyxian creatures" or "Talyxian organisms". They are common and basic living things that live in the Planet Tal. Most of the biota, flora and fauna, natural environments on Tal belong to Talyxian Biomes, a colony composed of this organism group. They have very alien, strange, complex features on their biology and ecology, that are greatly different from creatures that belong to Eltus organism group and common creatures on Earth.

As they can be said to be a different existence from Eltus organisms, Eltus folk generally consider Talyxians as alien beings and distinguish from themselves in their cultural sense.

Plants and Animals

Talyxian plant life is usually the most common of the natural environment on Planet Tal and it does not contain chlorophyll and functions akin to a primitive animal. Due to this, most of them show strange and alien-like appearances which are occupied by reddish or grayish tones instead of green-based tones.

There are animals on Tal that are peculiarly different as well from Earth's animals; although they may share the same name, these are not at all similar to their original namesakes, save by some trait or attribute.

Some of them in this group such as Talyxian-Stalkers and Dogs display a partial, inorganic constituent across the surface of their body parts, it may take up a mechanical appearance, however, they are not a machine, cyborg, or robot beings.


Talyxian Biomes areas, where are a colony of Talyxian fauna and flora.


The terms of culture or items that are related to or based on Talyxian organisms.