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Mr. Yaji and cub Cracked, in ZUvo restaurant.

ZUvo restaurant(ずぼ屋) is a popular hamburger restaurant chain in Tal. "Zuvo" means "hamburger" in Tal.

There are around 800 stores in Gold Ring, from big to small shops.
The main fish menu is popular and available in all of the stores. There is an extremely popular meat menu as well, but it is only available at the larger stores and is expensive.
They receive a wide range of customers, who come regardless of race, gender and age.
Nevreans tend to prefer the meat menu while sergals prefer the fish menu.

ZUvo's vegetables are made by a huge press-like machine's paper that is sprayed with a fixer and a mineral that allows plants to grow on it like a seedbed. It grows up to triple the normal speed due to a growth stimulation ingredient and genetic modification. However, once the nourishment on the paper disappears it can be harvested. Due to this, crop turnover rate is good, but its nourishment is more unbalanced than common vegetables in the cultivated area.

ZUvo restaurant is called as a pronoun of the chain restaurants on Tal. However, the rise of health concerns among the youth recently has caused a drop in some of ZUvo's visitors due to the rise in popularity of the "Otsukemono shop" that specializes in pickled vegetables.

Street in GR, There are ZUvo restaurant at middle of the left.
Festival of Tal, There are signboard of ZUvo restaurant at left.

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