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This article features products/merchandise and subscriptions based on the Vilous Universe, which are either backed or officially owned by the Vilous Team.

Official Vilous Products

There is a corner of Vilous-related products and merchandise that are officially produced or approved by the Vilous Team at an online store hosted by that is powered with close cooperation with the Vilous Team.

The famous species and characters from the Vilous Universe, such as Sergals, General Rain Silves, Leeric, Kadd, and others, are featured in the main products. This includes shirts, pillow covers, prints, pins, etc. International shipping is available.

Mick Ono's Patreon

Mick's Patreon features mostly the artwork itself or any kind of visual information and/or medium which cover concept sketches, WIPs, design aspects, practices, real life insights, and so on.

As these artworks originated from her pure inspiration as a visual concept — drawn solely from her intuition — the detailed and finalized lore aspects of the artwork may still not be present at the time when an artwork has just been created and/or posted. The detailed and in-depth lore would always be provided in the future, in close collaboration with Kiki CR.

Patreon members will be able to gain early access to the pure visual imagination that Mick has, as well as enjoy Patreon-exclusive content such as HD versions of the Vilous manga, special artwork, and Mick's real-life journal found nowhere else.

Mick's Patreon

Kiki CR's Patreon

Kiki's Patreon features in-depth lore concepts of Vilous Universe via the format of text or artwork.

Firmly decided-upon lore concepts will be shared as a public release. Meanwhile, $5+ Patreon members gain access to full and original size versions of the artwork, undecided lore, and other raw concepts to preview and get sneak peeks into the world of Vilous.

In addition to this, these Patron members will receive in-depth insight and background tips which are normally shared only among Vilous creators. As these tips or insights are not required to have a good understanding of the manga or create rich fan creations, it will certainly expand upon the universe. As such, these entries will remain an exclusive Patreon-only bonus. This will continue to feature extra backstory details and further explanations behind the public lore.

Kiki's Patreon

Authorized Fan Productions

This section introduces lucrative fan productions that are recognized and approved by the Vilous Official under the rules in Vilous TOU.

Note: All of the creations featured in this section are strictly classified under "Non-Canon" as Vilous official standards. Also, notice that not all designs may meet current canon-compliant conditions.

Vilous thing of Second Life

List of Vilous thing which are available in an online virtual world, "Second Life" that is developed by Linden Lab.

Kinzart Kreetures Sergal V2

Kinzart Kreetures Nevrean

Kinzart Kreetures Sergal

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