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Leeric (リーリック Rîrikku) is a male of pure Northern Sergal, and one of the soldiers who work under General Rain's forces. He works as special guardsmen for Rain while playing his role as the Captain of the Charge Attack Corps in the Shigu army, known across Planet Tal as the "Captain Leeric".

IA Leeric.png
Leeric, he is extremely frightened by something.




Pure Northern Sergal


Shigu, a village of Sieg clan Sergals


Shigu Army, the Captain of the Charge Attack Corps


Mick Ono

Physical Features

He has a quite slender body, which is thinner and smaller in comparison with other coeval Sergals. He has fine, neat, fluffy fur composed of gray and white, which is typical hues of pure Northern Sergals. Additionally, he is featured by white parts on the tips of his ears.

He always does hand-grooming to keep his fur clean due to his habit which can be said to be a clean freak. Because of this, his fur always shows beautiful quality.


His life begins from a group of Sieg Clan Sergals in the Shigu land where is surrounded by the primitive Talyxian Biome forest. His home place is different from Rain's home village, but he adored Rain at a considerably early stage since they met, and promised loyalty for her.


His personality shows complex and multifaceted sides; sensitive, fool, cowardly, simplistic, hasty, emotional, but may sometimes demonstrate a temporary brave spirit. And he has a habit which can be said to be a clean freak, he always cares about cleanses of his fur.

He often causes some troubles by his stupid behavior, the personality that is easy to become emotional due to his simplicity. One potential benefit of this is that he has a very superior ability as the charge attack corps.

His neat and beautiful fur quality may be worthy of Judda form, but he often ruins it by his personality flaws.

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