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Gardener (庭師) is a sort of civil servant job and a name of an official license enacted by The Gardeners Association, an organization stemming from the vein of Gold Ring's law which falls under the umbrella organization: Gold Ring Circulatory Organization. There are two types in Gardeners classification, "Red Gardeners" and "Green Gardeners."

Not to be confused with Garden Knights, the occupation that performs religious and ceremonial duties as a symbol of the Central area of Gold Ring. Both belong to an organization stemming from the vein of Gold Ring's law but fall under the different umbrella organizations and have quite different roles and duties.


Red Gardeners are in charge of observing and processing dangerous living things, Green Gardeners are in charge of improving and managing useful creatures.

Both Gardeners are akin to scientists in the respects that they are tasked with and even excel in the general knowledge and system for foodstuffs and animal risk assessment.

License and Qualifications

To get a Gardeners license, a good amount of training and taking an examination are required.

The license is carried out under a rank system from 5th Place Class to Special Class. Depends on each class, there are differences and limits in the range of possible treatments and countermeasures that Gardeners can enforce towards Talyxian organisms.

In the case of Red Gardeners, their class is involved in a range of permission on how to attack or capture organisms. In the case of Green Gardeners, their class is involved in a range of authority to own, cultivation, breed, and sell organisms.

The distribution of living, domestic animals are also legally forbidden unless the domestic Talyxians are fully deemed safe by both Red and Green Gardeners, this also serves to sort and preserve species which yield positive results and boons.

Giten the Sergal butcher, for example, holds a license as both a Green and Red Gardener. Ono the Agudner has the Special Class of Red Gardeners License.

Red Gardeners

Please refer to Red Gardeners

Green Gardeners

Please refer to Green Gardeners

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