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Green Gardeners (緑庭師) are part of the "Gardeners" Classification. They are in charge of managing creatures that people treat inside of the Gold Ring nation as well as tasked with improving and managing useful creatures.

Roles and Duties

The Eltus plants within Gold Ring territory, such as Eltus protected plantations within the nation as well as the Eltus biomes sanctuary on summit areas of the Lyvank Mountains, also fall under the management of Green Gardeners and are tended by them.

They have the authority of legislating, breeding, hybridizing safe, custom creatures and classifying and registering of their species, for general use and consumption.

Generally speaking, Talyxian creatures are very dangerous, because they have a strong instability and fluidity in their biological identity, they can change rapidly, almost akin to an unusual strain of influenza virus, for example, gaining rapid, unknown properties through forced evolution spurts. Most livestock in Gold Ring has been improved and cultivated via years of carefully carried out, safety experiments.

Many domestic animals and crops that are distributed amongst the populace within the nation, for example, pet hamsters and pigs being such a result after years of trial and error. Other odd results include "Pomatos" which are useful hybrid plants, occurred between potato and tomato.

Of course, there were quite a few fair shares of accidents along the way via the trial and error phases. As a result, it is strictly forbidden for people who have no license in the appropriate class to even attempt to make a mixed Talyxian breed or hybrid.

Strictly speaking, they are not "hybrids", but Talyxians with unknown properties.= Useful Links =

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