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The set of manga series that displays original and official stories of the World of Vilous in New Age Canon.

Canon Stories

A web manga series for the stories based on the history of Vilous Chronology. All episodes are available on or Fur Affinity.

Please note that the episodes are made in omnibus form, episode number does not mean chronological order.

Doodle Comics

It shows the various stories on modern era (around the 70's on the Rain Calendar) Gold Ring, with daily life of Mr. Yaji the Eastern Sergal and the young female Talyxian Stalker named Fuwafuwa (actual name is Mowamowa), and everything surrounding of them. Because their timeline is after the great war with General Rain Silves and is considered the modern times, almost everything is peaceful with no painful stories that are often seen in Vilous settings, for relax and enjoy these fun adventures.

These comics were created around 2014 and released on Mick's twitter, as her personal fun doodles. Due to this, the visual information might not be strict and current canon.

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