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Two Sergals having fun on a veranda. Inside the cage there is a False Crab.

False Crabs (カニモドキ Kanimodoki) are a type of Talyxian crustacean which can be seen around many places in Gold Ring. They are treated as vermin, and people can slay them easily.

Their name stems from Eltus Crabs which have a similar appearance to Earth's crab, and as such, Eltus people value and treat them as sacred animals. Eltus crabs can sometimes appear in kitchens from the waterways connected to the sea. Talyxian "False Crabs" are treated as nasty, fake things because of their similar appearance and tendency to pop up around the same places as the Eltus ones.


They often appear in kitchens to eat people's leftovers.

Generally, people don't like them, but children sometimes pet them out of simple curiosity.

Breeding or keeping them without permission is not allowed, because there is a law in place for all wild animals in Gold Ring. However, as they are small creatures, they can be easily found everywhere. Gold Ring police normally let unauthorized breeding of false crabs go unpunished in many cases, deeming the effort to prosecute a significant hassle compared to the minimal potential damages and outcome of allowing it.

False crabs do in actuality have a beneficial impact on the ecosystem, however people are not readily aware of this. One such example is that they eat away at harmful slimes occurring in the waterways ("Slimes" are bubbly, pink paste or foamy things which have grown and increased in size within eutrophicated waterways. A slime generally has a grotesque appearance, and in large numbers slimes can pose hazards for fish farming).

As such, Eltus folk treat false crabs as no more and no less than unpleasant vermin.

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