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Eltus Crab varieties

Eltus Crabs (エルタスのカニ) are a crustacean which belongs to the Eltus organism group. They consist of plural kinds and all of them share an appearance and biology similar to that of common crabs on Earth, as common features of Eltus organism creatures.

They can be frequently found in the surroundings of Salt Lake ColVilous, however, as with all Eltus animals, they are also very few in number and the part of the rare group of creatures on Planet Tal.

They are known and treated as sacred animals among Eltus folks who live in Gold Ring, and are valued historically, as well as protected under the law of Gold Ring.

There exists a species of Talyxian vermin, “False Crabs”, their name stems from their appearance which is similar to these Eltus crabs, however, Talyxian crabs are treated as nasty and fake things, it is the reason of their namesake being called “false”.


All crabs commonly share a small-sized body and ecology suitable for both terrestrial and aquatic life.

Their kind can display differences in their appearance in that of the size and shape of their claws. The hues on their carapace can cover a range consisting of red, blue and grayis-toned colors. Some kinds can even have grow hair on their carapace.

Relationship with people

They are very familiar Eltus animals for Gold Ring residents, especially within the regions near Salt Lake ColVilous, as they can frequently appear in the kitchen and so on from the waterways connected to the Salt Lake.

Some of their species have been farmed, and these farmed crabs are one of the popular Eltus ingredients as they have kept the amount at a feasible level for mass consumption.

Eltus Crab dishes are one of the traditional Gold Ring cuisines, they were once-restrictive dishes that had been enjoyed only on a special day such as the national holiday of the nation. Towards the modern era, after the aquaculture technology for them has been established, they have become one of the common ingredient options that people can consume all year round.

Because of their reputation as a holy animal, folks avoid killing or harming the species that have not been farmed. However, there is no strict legal restriction with regard to the simple act of catching them. Due to this, Eltus children often catch them just for fun. However, as there is a local legend that details that killing or harming crabs without the proper reason is a sacrilegious act, parents will often admonish their children with the reasoning of the legend in order to hopefully teach their young to avoid harming crabs.

There is a very long history in the relationship between people and Eltus crabs. Crabs that appear on land had been known as food among the Southern Sieg who were living in the desert. Talyxian Dogs' ability was very helpful to find crabs that were hiding under sands.

Places in which many crabs could be found together were known to them as a mark, signifying the location of a nearby water source. In addition, crabs themselves would also contain water content within their body.

Because of these reasons, they were a very helpful and important existence to stay hydrated in the desert. This background is considered as the origin which lead Eltus crabs to be treated as sacred animals.

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