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Concept sketch of a Sergal who belongs to Brave clan.

Braves (勇士) are a type of class or clan for Sergals.

It's mainly used for one of the classifications of three types of clan in Shigu in the early stages.

Brave clan in pre-war Shigu

They are a warrior-focused clan, centered on the worship of the mighty and sacred Talyxian Wolves while wearing every object crafted from wolf parts which hold a special spiritual significance.


They worship the Talyxian Wolves as an "incarnation of the forest", modeling aspects of their lifestyle after the T-Wolves' behavior. However, they will sometimes use wolves' corpses for accessories.

They enjoy dressing up like what Rain does, proudly wearing red markings painted on their faces or bodies in the thrill of the hunt. They chase the huge beasts in the wilderness, bravely fighting in groups and proudly knocking down those beasts.

They travel every day with a certain purpose while seeking prey and resources.


They still have little way to use words, but they generally are led by strong intuition or leadership skills with rich knowledge of wildlife. Especially an elder or leader takes on leadership roles for their unusual bravery or intuition.

This clan features a thought-leader whose intuition and deep knowledge of the natural environment are used to make decisions regarding hunting or lifestyle. The head person of them inspire courage in the whole group, and inspire them to act in the face of overwhelming fear such as when encountering horrible wildlife.


Their prey is often a chosen large beast that will provide a challenging fight. They have a deep respect for the forest, which they do not desecrate, for it is the domain of the wolves. These are the type of foods they enjoy eating:

  • Wild Buffalo - A wild cow creature that inhabits the flat areas away from the forest, namely the Astna Plain and Sailzane regions. It is generally a calm animal, but its territorial instincts are strong, warily guarding against and attacking any who approach. The meat of the buffalo is delicious; because of this, there are groups of domesticated cattle to allow easier access to game meat.
  • Bear - A beast inhabiting forest areas from north to east. They are extremely ferocious and zealously protect their children. The mighty warriors of the warbands rush at them without hesitation, cutting and downing them one after another.
  • Big Dondokos - A formidable beast that inhabits the wilderness, forests, and plains throughout Tal, these are fully grown dondokos. They are especially large animals, who sometimes gather into huge swarms across the forest and wilderness, proving quite dangerous. To catch these beasts a Brave must approach quietly, with no vibrations, and throw a spear aiming at their back. The impaled dondoko will make louder noises with their footsteps, drawing the attention of the swarm. They will be injured by other dondokos due to their cannibalistic nature, making it easy to single out and capture later on.
  • Weasel - A creature that generally breeds in the forest, the weasel is regarded as a pest. Because of the large number of predators found in the forest, weasels often venture into the plains and wilderness, creating an annoyance to any who come across it. They are famous for being bothersome, though they are regarded as a common game for Brave clan tribes.
  • Actinia - While not pictured here, actinia are ferocious beasts with delicious meat organs. It is regarded as one of the most powerful creatures of the forest, making the challenge of besting one in battle quite the bragging right. Its meat is poisonous, so the poison must be extracted before the meat is safely edible.
  • Imagoi - While not pictured here and not be food strictly, Brave clan tribes occasionally purchase this substance from the Shaman clan tribes.

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