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Zyn(ジン Jinn) is the name of wolf-type Talyxian-Associator character.

Important note: Most of this article is completed but is still in need of revisions, mainly proof-reading. Also more information may be added in future.
Important note 2: This article only has New Age's modern information. Old history and canon went to the "History of Vilous Development" article.


Newcanon.png This article contains information classified under the New Age canon.
Zyn on comic.png
New Age Zyn, on The World of Vilous Comics.


N/A, but is treated as "father" from Rain.






New Age



Zyn is a wolf-type Talyxian-Associator, and adoptive father of Rain Silves. Strictly speaking, wolf-type Talyxian-Associators don't have genders. However Zyn is treated as a "father" to Rain. He is called "Zyn" to Rain, but he does not speak. Therefore it is unknown whether his real name is "Zyn".

He taught Rain how to live in the forest and how to hunt, but he didn't do any government unlike Old Age's. And he left Rain when Rain was grown up. Hence there are no people who govern a politics in Shigu of New Age.

After all, he is just as feral as his species is. In other words, it may be said that Rain was a "wolf-girl" like the San from Princess Mononoké in New Age lore.

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