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I'm simply a sergal.
I'm simply a sergal.
The Gold Ring Wiki is a collaborative wikia about everything related to the world of [[Vilous]] ([[ビロウス]]), the famous science-fantasy setting created by [[Mick39]]!<br />
<br />
It has gained a large fanbase over the years, particularly due to its most famous character, the [[Rain Silves|General Rain Silves]] and her species, the [[Sergals]].<br />
<br />
As this wiki is still under construction, pardon our dust!<br />
<br />
'''Important note: Information comes earlier on the japanese pages. There's actually some delay when it comes to english updates due to translation.'''<br />
'''As a result, we are recruiting people who know correct Japanese and English to make translation work go faster.'''<br />
<br />
== '''Useful Links''' ==
File:Vilous bg.jpg|What is Vilous?
File:Vilous-logo-small.png|Terms of Use and Copyrights
File:1312405482.mick39 sergals.png|Canon
File:Northern Sergal and Talyxian Associator.png|Vilous Terminology
File:Shigu armies.jpg|Vilous Chronology
File:1388038109.colo-hungry lime.png|Races and Creatures
File:GR View.jpg|Places and their Culture
File:Mochi Shop.png|Foods
File:Rain head.png|Original Story Characters
[[Terms of Use and Copyrights]]<br />
[[Vilous|What is Vilous?]]<br />
[[Canon]]<br />
[[:Category:Terminology|Vilous Terminology]]<br />
[[Vilous Chronology]]<br />
[[:Category:Living Things|Races and Creatures]]<br />
[[:Category:Places|Places and Their Culture]]<br />
[[:Category:Foods|Foods]]<br />
[[:Category:Original_Stories_Characters|Original Story Characters]]<br />
[[The World of Vilous Novella|The World of Vilous - Novella]]<br />
[[The World of Vilous Comics|The World of Vilous - Comics]]<br />
[[Paid Contents of Vilous]]<br />
<br />
=='''Special Link'''==
[http://vilous-fandom.wikia.com/wiki/Vilous_Fandom_Wikia Vilous Fandom Wiki]<br />
''All [[Canon#Non-Canon|Fan-Stories]] and creations go there! Any Fan-Stories that was on this site has been moved to the Vilous Fandom Wiki.''

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I'm simply a sergal.