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<gallery heights="200" perrow="6" widths="200">
<gallery heights="200" perrow="6" widths="200">
File:Vilous bg.jpg|What is Vilous?
File:Vilous bg.jpg|What is Vilous?|link=Vilous
File:1312405482.mick39 sergals.png|Canon
File:1312405482.mick39 sergals.png|Canon|link=Canon
File:1489769191.mick39 tr-3.jpg|Vilous Terminology
File:1489769191.mick39 tr-3.jpg|Vilous Terminology|link=Category:Terminology
File:Shigu armies.jpg|Vilous Chronology
File:Shigu armies.jpg|Vilous Chronology|link=Vilous_Chronology
File:1388038109.colo-hungry lime.png|Races and Creatures
File:1388038109.colo-hungry lime.png|Races and Creatures|link=Category:Living Things
File:GR View.jpg|Places and their Culture
File:GR View.jpg|Places and their Culture|link=Category:Places
File:Mochi Shop.png|Foods
File:Mochi Shop.png|Foods|link=Category:Foods
File:Rain head.png|Original Story Characters
File:Rain head.png|Original Story Characters
File:1240635314.mick39 1162395373.trancymick s fiona.jpg|The World of Vilous - Novella
File:1240635314.mick39 1162395373.trancymick s fiona.jpg|The World of Vilous - Novella

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I'm simply a sergal.


The Gold Ring Wiki is a collaborative wikia about everything related to the world of Vilous (ビロウス), the famous science-fantasy setting created by Mick39!

It has gained a large fanbase over the years, particularly due to its most famous character, the General Rain Silves and her species, the Sergals.

As this wiki is still under construction, pardon our dust!

Important note: Information comes earlier on the japanese pages. There's actually some delay when it comes to english updates due to translation.
As a result, we are recruiting people who know correct Japanese and English to make translation work go faster.


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Vilous Fandom Wiki
All Fan-Stories and creations go there! Any Fan-Stories that was on this site has been moved to the Vilous Fandom Wiki.