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Comparison of T-Wolf and T-Dog.

Talyxian Associator(タリクシアン・アソシエーター) is a creature classification which belongs to Talyxian organism group.

There are two kinds creatures which belong to this classification; "Talyxian Wolf" and "Talyxian Dog". Wolves and dogs have similar appearances, but biology and ecology are totally different. And, the corroborated biological relationship between T-dog and T-wolves has not been elucidated.

They are quadrupedal and including the appearance of mixed organic and inorganic components. They are, of course, not a machine, cyborg, or robotic beings in any way.

Unlike Talyxian Stalkers, they have no or small individual differences in appearance.

Both of them can't talk, but they have high intelligence.


Refer to Talyxian-Wolves


Refer to Talyxian-Dogs

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