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Notice: This article strongly features WIP nature.
Existing information in this article is available, however, due to the ongoing development of the concept in the Vilous Original Stories, this article is necessarily incomplete. Because the Canon is subject to change as the story evolves, parts of this article may change greatly in the future.

Examples of Talyxian Rooters, Dr Cibo, Elena, and Delta.

Talyxian Rooters (タリクシアン・ルーター, also described as "T-Rooters" or "Rooters" for short) are a sentient species which belongs to the Talyxian organism group. They display an upright form akin to what sessile type organisms show, but they are also mobile and are free to roam around like animal type creatures. As they are characterized by a humanoid body, Eltus folks generally recognize them as a kind of race. They feature an appearance that looks like mixed organic and inorganic components. They are, of course, not a machine, cyborg, or robotic beings in any way.

They are very few in number, and their origin is shrouded in a veil of mystery. However, it matters not even if they are an enigmatic existence, as they have a long history of friendly relationship with the Eltus folks of Gold Ring, residents from ancient times.

They share an extended knowledge that contains fields which are still unknown for Eltus folks. Also, they are the only Talyxian race that can have communication with Eltus races through language without inconvenience. In the official oldest records with regard to their appearance in Eltus history, it mentions that they had been involved in the establishment of the Gold Ring directly.

Almost all of them, especially those living in Gold Ring, work as the advisor or medical staff towards both matters of Eltus and Talyxian. As a result, Eltus folks generally call them as “Teacher” or “Doctor”, towards Talyxian Rooters who own human rights and work as a ‘human’.

They can be divided broadly into two types, "Doctor" and "Rowna."


Doctor type Rooters feature an upright bipedal walking, capable of communicating with people in Eltus language despite the fact that they are Talyxian. In contrast, the Rowna type Rooters are unsuitable for walking and use a unique language that is more akin to music rather than spoken language.

Although the total number of Rooter individuals is few, there is a high concentration of Rooters numbers residing in Gold Ring. Their lifespan greatly depends on the individual, however, some may live more than several hundred years. The lifespan of Rooters seems to depend on their role, and most of those working as a ‘humans’ within the Eltus societies seem to have the same range of lifespan with Eltus races.

Predatory Talyxians generally do not consider White type Talyxians, that Rooters fall under, as their prey. Mostly because the White type Talyxians are not edible. Due to this, Rooters and other White type Talyxians look like just inorganic materials like a wall or building from the viewpoint of Predatory Talyxians.

Reproduction and gender system

They do not perform acts of reproduction and they do not eat anything. These features can be considered of similar nature with that of Talyxian Wolves because both of them fall under the same type in Talyxians classification, the White Talyxians.


While T-Wolves perform photosynthesis, Rooters instead rely on a massive bank of energy that they have stored within themselves since birth. The amount of this energy bank can be considered their life span.


Their presence can be confirmed in Gold Ring and modern Shigu. Almost all of the Rooters which live in Eltus habitats are Doctor types and they share a common purpose which is that of communication with the Eltus people. Rooters which lie outside of these types are considered to exist in Talyxian realms which are far off from the Eltus habitable areas, and the details of them have not yet been identified.

About the Rowna type Rooters, some individuals which have existed in the Old Garden of Gold Ring (Located on the small island in the Northeast of Salt Lake ColVilous) from ancient times, are the only Rowna type Rooters which can be confirmed so far. The circulation of the arrival of new Rooters and the leaving of old, has continued still, however, this process is top secret and has not been revealed.

As the population in Gold Ring grew, the number of Rooters has also increased.

In the late stages of Rain-Calendar, some Rooters went to Shigu in order to guide culture. As the faith of Rain and T-Wolves had already been pervasive there, the number of Rooters were not requested for so much. Also, it’s commonly known in other regions that there are Talyxian race people in Gold Ring. Foreigners would show a pretty simple reaction like “Ohh, I saw them for the first time!” when they see Rooters.


They generally have a calm, peaceful, and intellectual personality. Rooters who work in the Eltus societies have various individualities in their personalities. These Rooters share a more friendly aspect wherein they prefer making use of ‘redundant manners’ like casual communication, not only a simple correspondence of questions and answers.

When looking at them as one of the species of Talyxian organisms, they are a quite singular, unique species as they are specialized in the use of Eltus language and responding towards questions from Eltus people. They have declared themselves as “a communication interface for Eltus from Talyxians” from ancient times.

Regarding questions stemming from Eltus folks, they will provide an answer that is appropriate for their occupation. For example, a medical doctor Rooter will give a clear and concrete answer to a question whilst teacher Rooters will give out responses which can arouse curiosity. However, in the case wherein they cannot provide an answer due to various reasons, they will respond with “I cannot answer” strictly.

If they entertain communication with other Rooters or Talyxians, they will basically perform it in the Talyxian-specific way of communication. However, Doctor type Rooters which live out their lives as humans, will often use the Eltus language and mannerisms at the same time, even in these situations. This is the reason why Doctor type Rooters are characterized by preferring ‘redundant manners’ and Eltus folk feel that these features of theirs are more preferable and friendly behaviors.

Relationship with Eltus people

The name “Talyxian Rooter” is not common among Eltus folks, they are generally called as “Doctors” or their individual name.

As mentioned hereinbefore, many Rooters living in Gold Ring work as researchers or medical doctors. Because they are Talyxians, they do not originally possess human rights but they still can be treated as "human" conditionally. Rooters which have done a lot of cooperation with Eltus folk since ancient times are very friendly existences for Eltus folk and they have gained a lot of respect from the Eltus.

Due to this, Eltus folk treat them as “human” regardless of actual, strict legal situations and conditions that each Rooter finds itself in. This is a very common understanding among Eltus folk in Gold Ring. This treatment is quite different from the case of Talyxian Stalkers which have finally been granted the chance to obtain human rights in the modern era.

Nowadays, Rooters carry the meaning and role more so as that of advisors or counselors, rather than engineers which own extremely advanced technology. Because the engineer-oriented Eltus races such as Agudners and female Nevreans are much more appropriate for constructive and/or practical ability to build-up physical materials, Rooters are normally not involved in these types of tasks directly. However, they can instead, carry out the duties of guiding people through communication and let Eltus folks develop their own knowledge base.

For example, Rooters which work as medical doctors, just focus on advisory and instructional duties for medical knowledge, while leaving direct performing of operations or surgery up to Eltus doctors (Which are normally comprised of Agudners or Female Nevreans).

Eltus view on Talyxian Rooters

Eltus folks generally do not have accusatory types of questions directed towards Rooters, because they have existed from ancient times and have a very long, friendly history. The fact that Rooters had guided people for legislation is mentioned in Eltus records. Plus, Rooters declared themselves as being “Talyxians who try to guide Eltus.” and when asked as to why they perform such acts and tasks, they simply replied with “It is what we are.”

This is twice over understandable for Eltus people, because they already have a good example to go off of: Talyxian Dogs. The most familiar Talyxian organism in the South are T-Dogs, and T-Dogs are known as good partner animals that help people, and Eltus folk do not question “Why do these Dogs help us.”

Political Involvement

There is a Gold Ring law that states: "Bloodring and Bloodstones have human blood, but they are not human". Through this law, Bloodring and Bloodstones fulfill a higher purpose, acting and governing for the people, rather than living as individuals in the city. In connection to this, the Rooters also apply.

Rooters who are recognized as a human within the city of Gold Ring are not directly involved in politics, only sometimes fulfilling a special advisory position within the government. In contrast, the Rowna-type Rooters who do not possess human rights maintain a deep relationship with Bloodring and Bloodstones, staying involved with Gold Ring governing through legislation and connection to these groups since ancient times.

Rooters have existed in Gold Ring from the beginning of the nation and have been involved in the enactment of GR law. These things would be mentioned in the law along with the Bloodstones concepts.

Modern Rooters aim to become the same existence as people and help folks. Where have they come from, what will they become when they die, and the details of Rowna, these questions are some sort of taboo in the same vein as the detailed background of Bloodstones. Folks consider it as a sacred and inviolable realm.


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