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Otsukemono shop (乙漬物本店, also formerly known as Gina & Yaald's Cafe) is a popular pickled vegetable restaurant and shop on planet Tal and a growing competitor of the ZUvo Restaurant chain.

Otsukemono shop, initially a hobby shop, was founded by an Agudner boy named Yaald and a Talyxian rooter named Gina that grew into a full restaurant. Gina, now CEO of the company, was a nutritionist studying the physiological function and culture of the Eltus races. Yaald is still involved in menu development and is the main cook.


Otsukemono started out as a single menu item at Gina & Yaald's Cafe, consisting of pickled vegetables served with fish. Over time, Otsukemono became so popular that the Cafe became known primarily for it, even becoming colloquially synonymous with the dish itself.

Ostukemono is preserved in a milky liquid overflowing with lactic acid producing bacteria, giving it the spicy taste. Since it's made entirely from healthy green vegetables and doesn't contain any talyxian ingredients, modified animals or synthetic sweeteners, it has become popular with young people due to rising awareness of dietary health in Gold Ring.