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Cooked Eltus Rice

Eltus Rice (エルタス米), formerly known as "Okome", is a plant which belongs to the Eltus organism group. It inhabits the brackish water areas around Salt Lake ColVilous and is commonly known as “Sea Rice” among the Eltus people. This plant features a very strong salt tolerance. People cultivate this rice and grow it widely. As a result, this plant is one of the most well-known companion plants of the Eltus.


It's seeds, which are an edible part, are translucent, white and spherical in shape. The size of a grain is approx 5mm (0.2 inches). It is cooked by being fried or boiled. Because it forms a completely spherical shape, if people were to drop or spill this rice, it would end up rolling quite a far distance provided they’d fall on a flat surfaced area.


Given that this rice grows only in the brackish water area, it is a highly valuable food for the Eltus folk, with the exception being Gold Ring, as it is grown locally. However, as it can be stored for long periods of time, processed rice is often distributed to other regions as well as trade merchandise.


As most Eltus plants do, this one has some Talyxian trait to reproduce. Eltus rice shares a symbiotic relationship in the reproductive cycle with a Talyxian creature called Rice frog, inhabiting tidal area waters. These rice plants cannot breed alone without help from Rice frogs.

On Planet Tal’s soil and environment, most if not all Eltus plants have difficulties in reproducing. Regardless of whether it is an angiosperm or gymnosperm type, Eltus plants on land have a big problem in sexual reproduction by pollination. Due to this, the cultivation of Eltus plants without separating the roots or making use of grafting is almost impossible. (In the case of algae and lichens, the situation is slightly different)

Eltus rice is also not an exception from this matter. These rice plants cannot breed alone, however, they have achieved inhabitation of the brackish water area around Salt Lake ColVilous by symbiosis with a Talyxian creature, the Rice Frog. In the modern era, Eltus rice is distributed widely after passing breed improvement from wild rice, but they are still reproduced via the symbiotic relationship with Rice frogs. Among Eltus plants, the case of Eltus rice is a very rare one for a species which has established such a great scale of cultivation to be able to be distributed.

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