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Adult Odei Plant

Odei (オデイ) is a species which belongs to the Talyxian organism group.

They are a slow moving plant-type Talyxian, living in forests or wild areas, entirely unique to the Thekan regions.

This creature is known for being highly dangerous and unstable creatures and the only source of gunpowder materials that exist in Planet Tal.


Odeis are known for synthesizing combustible compounds in their body, known to explode if given almost any kind of stimulation.

They primarily eat Talyxian insects that contain a high content of minerals.

They only have one orifice, which acts like a mouth and excretion point. Odeis are morphologically classified as a species similar to Dondokos.

It is speculated that the tendrils growing out of it at seemingly random areas of the body act like "feelers" for its environment.


The Odei, once grown large enough ( 30-50cm, about 1-1.65ft ), are prone to exploding. The seeds that are sharp like knives burst out like shrapnel, slicing other plants or animals and embedding themselves into their inner body.

From there, the seeds germinate, and then fall to the ground once they reach a large enough size to sprout their tentacle-like legs.

They have a very simple life cycle; Growing up until they are large enough to break off from the seedbed creature, traveling about on their lonesome on their stubby legs into the wilderness or desert in order to feed, and will return to the forest for breeding purposes.


On Planet Tal, gunpowder materials can be harvested only from the Odei.

However, because of the extreme danger and high mortality rate for those who try, the Eltus folks had not developed explosive technology until the later stages of Shigu in specialized, Shigu Odei treatment facilities with Agudner operatives.

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