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Kef in the Southern land of Planet Tal.
Kef deserts on Tal, the named Kef is known for the bottom right desert, however, the desert on the upper left also corresponds to Kef.

Kef (ケフ) is a name for barren desert areas, in which the name means "nothing" or "blind alley" or "unlimited". The Kef desert regions are vast and inhospitable, leading to the term "Kef".

It is flat land with almost no ups and downs, and except for the presence of Talyxian Mozuuk plants, the landscape just displays sand and rocks. These sand and rocks are mostly close to monochrome, give a lifeless impression. The sand is characteristic of powdery traits, the soil is almost devoid of nutrients, and it contains a lot of salt crystals.


As the only ecological life that can be found in the Kef regions, there are Talyxian Mozuuk plants that grow on rocks. There is no living thing of any kind other than Mozuuk.

Mozuuk is known as an edible plant, however, as t does not offer any nutritional value, it is still not available as a food source to survive there.

Kef's Mozuuk is also known for offering stronger sleep-inducing effects when dried and smoked as a cigarette than Mozuuk which grows in other regions. Due to this, it's preferred as a material of cigarette than other Mozuuk, also, dried and processed remains of the Mozuuk plant originated from Kef are referred to as "Kef-Bassi".


This area is used for penal transportation, called "Kef-Exile", heavy punishment for felonies that is enacted in Gold Ring. A convicted criminal is exiled to a depth of the Kef desert with some food and water that are for only several days.

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