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Jakk (ジャク Jaku) is a young Sergal male. During the war, it is said that General Rain Silves fell in love with the sight of him and had forcibly taken him as one of her own, in order to become her adopted child.


Jakk in New Age








Shigu, Rain's adopted son


Mick Ono

He displays a slender body and physique, adorned with lush green fur and two spot patterns, similar to eyebrows, nestled above his eyes.

Due to his overall appearance, features and linguistic grasp, he is considered to be of a Western lineage. But this is not strictly identified or revealed, as he does not go into details about himself.

He has a strong intellectual curiosity with regards to Eltus plants which are a very precious and rare existence on this planet. Throughout his life, he had focused and worked on the study of Eltus plants, thus gaining popularity among a small group of young, studious people.

His personality is very serious and polite, however, due to the fact that he prefers to state his opinions and thoughts clearly, without hesitation, it may make him seem to have a tad of a sharp tongue as well. He has a good glib-tongued demeanor in comparison to that of the common Sergals, and he can make use of complex language and pronunciations smoothly.

His appearance and behavior give mysterious vibes, due to this, people often refer to him as “The boy from another planet”. However, he seems to pay no heed or care about these rumors.

Around RC 40, when the war had ended and Rain had been arrested, he had also been taken and sent into Gold Ring alongside Rain. Although Rain was taken as a war criminal, Jakk was treated like a hostage towards the Shigu Kingdom. Within Gold Ring, he had spent the rest of his life under house arrest. Even in this situation, however, he was still deeply working in studies covering various fields, natural science, government, and economy. His research results from these studies eventually led to contribute greatly to the independence of Shigu.

In his lifetime in Gold Ring, he developed a friendship with Quu, a Judda Nevrean boy, as they were experiencing a similar situation with regards to their own life. The lack of a “Perfect Freedom”. He had often visited Quu’s room in the high rise tower in Gold Ring central city and enjoyed various, interesting conversations.


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