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Somewhere within the central Astna plains, just before noon, an urchin cow carriage travels along the beaten path stretching out through the wild landscape.

Astna (アスタナ) is a Talyxian biome area which occupies an extensive range of Northern lands on Planet Tal.

Most of the areas within Astna are composed of wastelands or plains which feature few Talyxian biomes. The few biomes which can be found at the boundary with the forest areas are characterized as having a comparatively low mutability ratio and are static in nature. Of course, there are still deeper areas of the forests and they are exempt from this condition.

The main characters from the Vilous Manga, Episode 4, "The Twelve Plainswalkers" adventure through this area.


The time period is not determined, however, the Sergal presented in the artwork is wearing a Reono styled outfit, they are visiting the border where the Astna and Thekan meet in order to scout in advance for suitable materials, such as Talyxian 'resin trees', the blue translucent trees. Due to their light set of clothing, it can be easily assumed Eltus people's village exist nearby.

There are various kinds of wildlife in this area, ranging from small-sized and defenseless animals such as Talyxian hares and moles all the way up to middle or large-sized, threatening animals such as Dondokos and House peckers.

Biomes comprised of plains and wasteland areas are characterized by the existence of many molehills and Myriabushes, also known and referred to as Gejigemi by the Eltus people, black and low-height thickets or bushes which look like multiple, interconnected, long insect legs. Most of the Sergals which belong to the Sieg classification forage their food from these places. Also, some of them will sometimes encounter roaming creatures such as Dondokos and House Peckers, or Brave clan Sergals which are traveling vast lands in order to scout for their prey.

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