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Ep3 - At the Festival

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It's finally time to have a nice pleasant ride in the automated boat, when-- what's this? The rambunctious agudner child cuts off his sergal friend and jumps roughly into the boat, causing it to shake so much that everyone else hesitates to join him. What a brat! And to tease his friends? How greedy and impudent!

However, instead of getting upset over it, the others gently slip into a boat of their own and enjoy a nice quiet ride across the lake. They regard the agudner as being rowdy and energetic, but otherwise they are not frustrated by him. And with such beautiful scenery to gaze upon and the beautiful Ocean Shrine coming up soon, who could remain upset?

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Wed Apr 26, 2017 - Unforseen Further Delays

Hello fans of Sergals, Nevreans, and everything else from the world of Vilous.

It's with a heavy heart that I explain this further delay with the pre-ordered Dakimakura Covers and T-Shirts.

As some of you know, late last month we finally received our current shipment of products, after a serious set of manufacturing errors and an agonizing shipping process obtaining them. We were able to ship out some of our orders but the following week Priley, our shipping manager, came down with what we thought was the flu only for his condition to get worse and by April 9th he was in the hospital. He was kept overnight for a few days, and eventually was diagnosed with a double herniation in his lower back.

Priley has spent the last two weeks in terrible pain, but powers through to his recovery.

This entire process has been as frustrating and time-consuming for us as it has been for you, but we can only ask for your patience for a little longer. Everything will be shipping out as soon as physically possible.

Suffice to say, we do not plan on running pre-orders again.

From a longtime fan to all my fellow fans,


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