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Intermission Art

Daily Life of Gold Ring - A New Comforter Page 2

Mr. Yaji has finished cleaning his entire house. Mowamowa was playing near the air cleaner, but after a warning from Yaji and then being startled by his hand tapping the air cleaner, she stays out of the way and avoids the cleaner.

Upon opening up the air cleaner, Mr. Yaji discovers that a thick layer of dust has accumulated in the filter — more than he expected. After lamenting how wasteful it would be to throw the used filter away, a moment of inspiration leads the innovative sergals towards crafting it into something new. He sets his plans into motion while listening to the radio weather forecast.

The product of his labors is a new comforter: the 'cotton' interior is made up from the dust-clogged filter, and Mr. Yaji's old comforter serves as the outer cover. Mr. Yaji gives this as a gift to the T-Stalkers, Boor and Cap as a surprise gift. As is typical of many sergals, he holds no grudge or hostility for their prior bad behavior. The two young cats receive the present with delighted gratitude. In fact, Boor is especially pleased and impressed, praising Mr. Yaji with divine names.

Boor and Cap may never realize this comforter was created from dusty trash and Yaji thinks nothing of using his household rubbish as a gift. Truly, a happy ending for everyone!

Latest News

Sat Nov 25, 2017 - Vilous Physical Sticker by Kiki On Sale!

Hello Fans!
We're happy to announce that Kiki has new merchandise back in stock featuring lovely Vilous physical stickers such as General Rain, The Fluffy, Bakku & Ged and many more, available for purchase now over at Kiki's Etsy~! Check them out!

About this sticker, Anix and Dasaki funded high prices to the donation for this sticker project. For person who funded high prices, Kiki presented the reward that one's Vilous sona become and be included to this sticker merchandise! Great gratitude to all fans!

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